USA 2011 Part 8.0 -- The food

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After the 3 weeks I think it's safe to call the USA the land of the extremes when it comes to food.

In Singapore, while we always like to use a lot of oil and very little vegetables, one thing we can all agree on is that we always need a little more money. Slicing your shrimp into half -- double your shrimp, double your money!

Whereas here it's the total opposite. THEY JUST WHACK EVERYTHING IN. It's always either very sweet or very salty or whatnot.

Maybe it's just the palettes of us Asians who have to get accustomed to their food culture, because they are so notoriously infamous for serving up HUUUGE portions of food. We're already too full to finish our entrée, yet they still ask us if we want dessert!

Their cartoned apple juice is also sweet till the high heavens. I had to dilute half a glass with water!

Nonetheless, the food here in the States is undeniably delicious, though it's not something I'd like to eat all-year round. Unless I have a really good metabolism, and we all know that ain't gonna happen.

When it comes to fast food I've talked about the McDonald's here where everything except the apple pies are the same.

But I also got to try Burger King and I was really surprised that their burgers were reaaallly small. Auntie May was surfing the website and every burger averaged about 600 calories but those things are tiny which made things all the more scary!

They were also really cheap. You can get a full meal for less than USD6 and they even have burgers priced at only USD1. Funny how comparing a Whopper Jr. to a normal Whopper, it's like the exact same size. Like whut.

So in comparison to Singapore, I think our burgers are definitely way bigger than theirs, maybe even 2 times bigger!

I tried their Double Stacker and the bacon actually tastes like bak kwa LOL. It was only USD2! Though I can probably just buy a single stacker at USD1 and a whopper at also USD1 and I'll get 2 extra buns. JUST SAYING

I also finally got a taste of Sprite and it actually tastes really bad over there, and Eva's mum explained something about how it's obligatory for them to use corn sugar as part of their battle in reducing obesity rates (totally helping).

Speaking of obesity, guess how much weight I gained after the 3 weeks in fatty land?


Not bad, I must say! I thought I'd gain like 5.

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