USA 2011 Part 9.0 -- The Shopping

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Other than the food here, if anything else is cheap, it's the shopping! Being the typical Asian I actually bought most of my stuff from the discount rack but hey, some of them were actually good finds.

I bought these 2 ridiculously unnecessary but cute hats at I think USD10 each. Not that cheap but I thought they were quite cute leh so I bought them lor.

Also bought both of Adele's albums while I was at a CD store somewhere. Adele's 21 was everywhere!

Bought these 2 T-Shirts that were on discount at Hot Topic. Only USD5 each!

Some other random nonsense I bought from Hot Topic.

Bought these 2 DVDs while I was at Walmart. Date Night was on sale for only USD10!! And I thought Singapore would sell the Harry Potter DVD for a higher price so I bought it while I was there.

A pathetic pin from Hot Topic and Aldo slippers I bought during the Black Friday sales. Hot Topic's system for the Black Friday sales is that they pass each customer one scratch card and when you scratch it it tells you how much discount you'll get!! Unfortunately mine only warranted a 5% discount. Meh.

I was also at Aldo and at first I thought the slippers would be USD20 as stated on its price tag so I was like ok since my current slippers doesn't have the friction at the bottom anymore. Then at the counter when I was about to pay it turns out that it's on 50% discount so it ended up being USD10!!!

This little Calvin Klein bag which I bought also on the day of the Black Friday sales at the factory outlets. It was damn cheap like less than SGD30 because it was also on 50% discount.

T-Shirts I bought at GAP

I was at the Dollar Store and I went crazy there buying so many unnecessary sweets. There are some that have yet to be opened until now... apparently my sweet tooth lasted only during the 3 weeks I was there.

I was listening to Talk That Talk on YouTube when it was uploaded and decided to buy it because I liked it. I also bought Mary J Blige's album cuz I really liked the lead single!

This pair of Aldo shoes which I bought at some random shopping mall. Its original price is around USD80 but it was discounted TWICE (I forgot why) so it ended up being only USD35. Woah woah woah!

Fake glasses from Chinatown in New York for about USD3 each.

Clothes from Forever 21 at a slightly cheaper price than Singapore sells it. Neither cheap nor expensive.

Hilarious magnets I got from some street stall at the Central Park.

Other stuff I bought from a music store!! I was looking for Florence + the Machine's Lungs deluxe edition for the LONGEST time ever and tada! Funny how the 2 DVDs above were only released recently at that time but already on sale.

And lastly some useless Harry Potter badges

I also bought much more stuff but I got too lazy to really take pictures but it's just a lot of touristy stuff.

One thing I hate about shopping there is the amount of coins you get though.

First of all, my small IQ makes me unable to distinguish between coins.

I need a freaking number like "20 cents" or something on it, not things like "penny" "dime" "quarter" because I will first struggle to read the fine print, then try to process how much it is.

It's all too much work! I ended up bringing home USD4.39 worth of coins. I know right.

You know what else I also brought back? 20kg worth of extra load. No fucking shit. I came to the USA with less than 20kg in my luggage and after three weeks I came back with 2 luggages each weighing 20kg. Ridiculous! But I loike.

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