Bulululu lululu

First of all I'd like to wish Eva the Diva whose second name is Siva (no it's not) a very happy birthday!!!

Second of all I've had a pretty shittastic week. In fact I've had a really shittastic MONTH. This entire October was so unlucky I couldn't even believe it. Like I've never experienced this my whole life.

I'm starting to think this is the doing of some spirits whom I've offended. If so I think they should get a life. So rude!

The number of times I've earned the title of "first loser" this month is absolutely ridiculous.
1. I was queuing up for tickets to Perfume's upcoming concert in Singapore at SCAPE. I queued for 3 whole hours while standing all the way. When I was already at the entrance of the AFA store, they told me that the last ticket was sold to the woman right in front of me. BAM.

2. I found out recently that I was one spot away from being selected to be part of Radio Heatwave. In other words they could only take in 10 but I was the 11th in the list. BAM.

3. One day last week I had 2 buses in a row filled up right when I was standing directly in front of the door where I should be the next to board. BAM BAM.
What... the flying fuck. The icing on the cake is that on Thursday, I spent my entire day drafting up a tour for our IS module to be pitched on Monday. I even completed the powerpoint slides already.

We were supposedly going to have a lovely day at the Malay Village in Geylang. And then I found out later that night at 11PM that the bloody place closed down last year. RACIST!

And those are only a few examples out of many other unlucky experiences this month. I'm so glad November is coming. I think the only good thing that's come out from this month is the fact that I didn't fall down.

I just finished Day 1 of training today to become an FMSA tour guide for the upcoming RED Camp! So if anyone from JWSS signed up for it please come and see me because I have no friends and I'm ronery

This is probably the closest that I'll ever be to become some sort of tour guide. I've been looking for a part-time tour guide job here but as far as I know only Jurong Bird Park is looking for one so meh. Anyway I had fun today although I think I wasn't in my top form and underperformed. Oh well!

So yepzzz this is basically what happened this past month. Still not quite adapted to the new modules yet but I'll get over it.

Oh yea and all the best to those who are currently having their O Levels! Here is one advice: no, it is not Brand's essence of chicken.

God bless my eyebags

The first week of semester 2 is finally over!! Yayayay! I'm finding it increasingly harder to find a more comfortable position to blog in (kinky) and it's just so sad that my bed doesn't even have a headboard so yea. And yes it's only recently have I found out that it feels pretty guuuud to blog from your bed.

I saw Hirzi of Munah Hirzi in school for the first time this week and omgah!!! I didn't go to say hi because he was quite far away in Makan Place and he was already being swarmed by like, a few other people (like 3). I was so starstruck but NOBODY around me even knew who he was so I looked retarded.

Did I blog about the time where I saw Munah at my workplace?!?!!? Haha it was damn funny because I turned around, saw her, and immediately went "EHHHH!!! HELLO!!!!!" to which she responded with an "EHHHHHHH!!!!" as well haahahaha then she said she wants to buy everything in the shop and I was like sure

After that I scouted for her around the store just for fun but she was gone already sigh

I also interviewed for Radio Heatwave for my second time. The results were actually supposed to be out yesterday and if you didn't get a text it means you're not chosen.

And of course I didn't get the text. Surprise!!!

God dammit, I fell into the trap again. The first time round they made it sound like they liked me so much that I was so optimistic about getting it. This time the SAME THING HAPPENED!! One of the judges kept gushing about how much he liked me but clearly he didn't like me enough.

I guess it's just better than to be like lol you suck get out NEXT. I really thought the interview went well though! I think what sent me down the drain was when they asked me what was so special about me that distinguishes me from the others. Clearly I have a perkier and bigger set of boobs. But it's okay because I'm going to keep trying every semester muahahaha

I was even in that denial stage where I thought that they were playing a prank and that they'd actually only text us like... today or something like that HAHAHA. I'm so delusional sometimes like hi Travis you're so attractive today

Also I miss my old Japanese classmates so much! The best part is that all of them are in the same class together while I'm in some other god forsaken place. Plus our lessons are on the same day so I can't come up with a valid excuse to transfer.

So it's okay I'll just make new friends! Guess what? Yesterday I went into the lift with this guy who coincidentally was also going to the third floor, so I asked if he was having Japanese in 03-03.

He said he was so I was like oh we're classmates! Then when we entered the class I took a seat first while he went to sign his attendance.

You'd think he'd sit beside his newly-made friend but NOOOOOO he decided to go all the way to the back to sit all by himself. Leaving me ALLLLL BYYYY MYYYSEEEEELLLLFFFFFF

And then after that another person came in and was looking for a seat so I thought he'd sit beside me. He decided to go the extra mile in his friend-making strategies by sitting one seat AWAY from me. Eh I very scary meh?

Anyway I did manage to make a few friends in the end. Guess what? They told me that I won't see them next week anymore because they already appealed to transfer classes so BAM. There you go. There's the nutshell.

I also went to watch Perks of being a Wallflower this week with Sonia, Corinne and Kiat.

I HATE IT. I FUCKING HATE IT. Not because it's a bad movie, but because of how TRAGICALLY SAD IT MADE ME. I WAS SO SAD AT THE END I SWEAR I'VE NEVER FELT THAT WAY BEFORE. In conclusion you should watch it and be sad too

On the other hand I also watched Sinister and that movie is good except the ending which SUCKS but I shan't post spoilers

I have some radio assignment to do over the weekend where I have to listen to and analyze a radio station and then write a report about it so that's very exciting.

Meanwhile Chelsea Lately changed its theme song which is now boring as hell because it's not as catchy as the DENG DENG DER DER DER DER DER DERRR DER DER DER DER DER DERRRRR yes you can totally hear it by reading that


Ok hello everybody so GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TODAY!

We were having our first radio tutorial today and we had to introduce ourselves (or rather have our neighbour introduce us) sooooooooooo when Ben introduced me and wanted to talk about my hobby Nicolene decided to butt in and shout "BLOGGING!"

I was like feigning ignorance (by screaming like a siao lang) and my face turned so red I could literally feel the heat!!! HAHAHAHA

ANYWAY it's so unfortunate because if any of my classmates read this especially the post before this which is SO UNLIKE ME all emo and shit it's going to give a false impression SO HELLO IF YOU GUYS ARE READING THIS I AM NOT LIKE THAT K

My radio tutor is like so farrrrnie and my new classmates seem like a fun bunch so this first week of school is going better than expected!! Oh and I also saw Hirzi at Makan Place.

AND I believe we should all have a minute of silence to mourn the loss of one of Makan Place's best stalls, Hungry Jack. URGH

Apparently there's a rumour going around that someone got food poisoning and tada. But the truth of the matter is that I can eat my grilled chicken carbonara till the day I die be it from natural causes or food poisoning to be honest

Ok bye this is actually supposed to be one of my 9000 other disclaimer posts if any of my new classmates sees this I'm not weird and I hope we can still be friends

Emo nemo

I was so bored today I started thinking about my previous semester and all those things. Like the things I've done and also the things that I shouldn't have done.

Anyway I've ultimately decided that I'll just try not to repeat some of the mistakes I've done... I don't mean it academically but more on the social aspect because I have done some pretty nasty things that I don't think would be nice to outrightly say here.

I guess I'll just not be so judgemental?? Ok who am I kidding that's not gonna work but I'll just try to practice tolerance and be nice to people. And try not to make myself hated. Pretty much. Though I'm sure there are already people who have a degree of dislike towards me already because of some things I've done but oh well!

I've decided to move on because some things are just not worth it. With that said I also do hope that the people who I may or may not have pissed off and/or offend for life will also move on and aiya all in all I just feel like starting everything over again.

I've come to realise that if we're going to keep shuffling classmates every semester creating enemies are not going to be doing me any favours and if there's anything I want to stay away from, it's drama.

And to be completely honest I just want to be liked by people. When I went for the TCP camp we did this character analysis thing and mine was so right. I'm a very people-oriented person. Unless the person doesn't do shit then that's exactly how I would treat the person but I generally would prefer overall happiness within a group than produce results that kind of thing.

They also say that for people like me, our greatest fear is to not be liked and it's totally true! It's so sad in a sense but I don't really know how to battle it. I think I'm just being overly sensitive like some people have said because ur hur hur I'm feeling so weak and vulnerable right now ur hur hur annoying

I also feel very lonely lor. Ever since school's started a long 6 months ago I still feel very lonely. Like even when I have my friends all around me. Is it normal to feel that way? Sometimes I like to be alone and just be by myself but what I'm feeling most of the time is like the negative kind of loneliness.

As if I have no super close friends although I know I have many close friends. What am I saying omg. I think I'm still in the process of trying to understand that no matter how much time you can spend with someone, you may never ever be a significant part of their life.

Or maybe I just need companionship. And to be honest I would absolutely love the idea of having someone move in with me because I just need someone to talk to. Not like online but face-to-face and all my other friends are too busy with their schoolwork. In conclusion I just feel ronery, bored, and retarded as usual.

But it's okay to be alllll byyy myyyyseeeellffffff because I am strong enough to survive arone! I AM AN INDEPENDENT MAN! Ok bye bye. I'll be fine guys

Chalets everywhere

And that's the first week in my life where I've been in the east more than the west

School is gonna start in 2 days! What is this feeling I'm feeling? Oh the need to fart.

LJ can mean Li Jiang, but it can also mean... ;) (China Part 1)

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Look at my siao hair

So I finally came back from China and it's actually not as bad as it seems! By not as bad I mean at least I haven't seen anyone eating dog meat there.

Contrary to popular belief, many people there are actually friendly. Congruent to popular belief, they still spit everywhere they go. Even in 5 star hotel lobbies. No shit.

Our purpose of the trip was to really immerse ourselves in the culture and understand the lives of the rural people in the Lashihai village of Lijiang, Yunnan.

By right we're also supposed to develop our media development skills there (???) but we did absolutely nothing related to Mass Comm in the end so.........

By the way it's called Lashihai village so it's like La Shi (拉屎) Hai (海) as in Shit Sea hahahahahaha funny right but the people I told this to didn't laugh so maybe I'm just retarded. FUNNY WHAT

We took China Eastern Airlines there and I was already feeling apprehensive because an earthquake also struck Yunnan the day before we were supposed to go there.

So it's safe to say that I was pretty much convinced that I was going to die. I even PRAYED before I left the house. PRAYED. I know. I don't even have a religion

But before we flew we were sent off by Milo, Kiat, Augustine, Jeremy, Nathania, Ryan and Jannah!!! So nice of them although it's mostly for the rest and not so much of me BUT ANYWAY

You know what wasn't nice? The idiot airplane food. We had a choice between an omelette (it was then I found out it's called ji dan bing literally meaning egg biscuit) and pork vermicilli. The pork vermicilli was better, but it was a general consensus that both really sucked. I didn't even finish everything ;(

burn in hell you shit food

I look like an ugly Natalie Tran with an obiang-looking but comfortable blanket provided

Then we all just fell asleep while Mr Yeo was happily playing Bejeweled on his tablet.

We stayed at the Green Education Center, short for GEC for 10 days during our trip only for the weekdays. We went to the city area to stay at (relatively) HEAVENLY 4 or 5-star hotels during the weekends but I'll tell you more in a later post.

And this is why everybody says Yunnan is a beautiful, scenic place. In the coming days we'd also realise why that would be the only thing they'd say about Yunnan.

The GEC was set up by this person named Mr Chen and there is actually an anaerobic digester installed underground which produces biogas for energy. So essentially whatever we shit out goes in there and becomes gas for our stove to cook stuff.

I have to say this place is really green and set up by some hardcore environmentalists y'all.

We were once chided on for using their electric stove without permission because it used a lot of energy. They were given a fridge by others too but they didn't use it since it also uses a lot of energy. So instead, they converted it into a cupboard.

I know.

But it's admirable because you can tell Mr Chen is really passionate about what he's doing and he actually comes from a university in New York but decided to stay in some puny village just so that he could do his part to be green!

The last time I was this passionate about something was when I tried so hard to cook onion rings from scratch but even that turned out to be a hot mess. Twice.

The place was really like those old palace places buildings whatever you'd see in those ancient Chinese shows with a courtyard and everything! Which made me worry that there wouldn't be a water heater to shower with but thankfully there was.

At the GEC we stayed with two people - Mr Chen himself and a helper named Si Nan who was like our mother because she arranged all the transportation for us and all that. We also stayed with many other inhabitants over there!

Chickenz that will make a shit load of noise every. single. morning

And three little pigs! Awwww. They're cute but they also STINK. Made me almost gag on numerous occasions. I know one of them is called Mao Mao but I can't even identify which of the three.

Welcome to ma crib! I shared a room with Ian, Angus and Timothy. It wasn't as bad as I thought! There was decent bedding, no bed bugs and the blankets were soooo comfortable.

Until I found out that all along I'd been sleeping on a bedframe that's been dented downwards and I don't even know if it's caused by me or not so that's creepy. I'd spend the remaining nights sleeping on the side that's not dented in constant fear.

Of course what is a trip to China without talking about the toilets? The toilets at the GEC are, surprise surprise, squat toilets! It's like a normal squat toilet but there's just a hole inside (no water) which leads to the biogas thing, and they even specifically state that for pee we should flush with half a ladle of water and for shit one full ladle!

The worst part is that you can't put the toilet paper in so after wiping your ass you have to throw the toilet paper into this rubbish bin in front of you. Which is our job to clear throughout the trip. I know right? (More funny stories later)

I had the honour of being the first shitter because I am not one to hold my shit in and let's just say it's a very eye-opening, nostril-closing experience.

They then made a HUGE deal about it the next day because they were showing us the facilities in the area including the stove where they cooked an egg so there was a lot of "TRAVIS THIS IS COOKED BECAUSE OF YOUR SHIT YESTERDAY" "THIS IS THE PRODUCT OF YOUR PRODUCT"  going on

On the very next day we were given a tour around the facilities and taught how to do some chores. So I was the very first person to wake up in the morning to bathe. (for the very reason that my hair takes ages to dry) The water is hot but the weather is SHIT cold in the morning so the moment I turned off the tap my nipples started to chip off.

Anyway there wasn't much to show around except this hellhole

Eeeuurrrghh shit water! Lol no it's actually the remainder of whatever's left from the fermentation process. It doesn't even stink! Whatever that we smelt there was really just the pigs.

Ben even had the opportunity to really put his whole head in and smell it and it doesn't smell of anything. They use it as fertiliser to grow plants or something.

When it came to doing actual chores I was appointed to go cut grass and feed pigs which in all honesty was quite fun! The other team had to shovel up horse shit outside for the biogas digester.

All we had to do was to just wear a glove and hold a sickle and just cut the grass off since they had a garden nearby. Convenient!

Throughout the process of cutting grass and going on to feed them I constantly kept hearing people saying that "Oh the pigs will eat anything la!"

And then it hit me...

I think pigs are misunderstood creatures.

What if you were born on this Earth to automatically be under the power of humans... where you are not able to communicate with them... where you sound like "URRRG" more than "oink"... where you have no choice but to eat whatever is given...

Why must everybody keep saying that pigs will eat everything while conveniently throwing all the shit to them?! *cue emotional music*

What if in actual fact, pigs are really fussy eaters? It's just that they get so hungry easily all the time that they're left with no choice but crap to eat isn't it! Do you think they like eating their own shit?! AND CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THE PIGGY BANKS?

Maybe all they really want is a big fat juicy medium rare steak. RIGHT? These pigs don't deserve this kind of treatment and I shall henceforth campaign for the freedom of food choice for pigs. I have found my calling to be a pig activist everybody.

Totally misunderstood. I FEEL YOU PIGS sorry I'm getting too emotional let's move on (brown pig getting some backdoor action)

The next day we took a 20 minute walk from the GEC to another part of the village that is full of faaaarms!

Emo sunflowers because they're facing the ground. Har har har.

A pile of horse shit that is SO beautifully taken by me. Ooo la la

Unfortunately they weren't as fresh as I hoped because you have not seen fresh until you've seen it literally smoking.

Charmaine, Angus and I all took our own photo of the pile of shit so that Mr Yeo can critique it hahaha. Talk about putting our digital photography skills to everyday usage.

The others said my photo was better but sadly Mr Yeo thought Charmaine's was the best because I cut off Mr Pradheep's head in mine. Sian jips


And our purpose of going to the faraway place was to pick peaches!

Ok, not exactly.

It's to pick up the paper bags that the peaches were wrapped in. Yay

The farmers do that so as to maintain the moisture in the peaches. I didn't quite enjoy it because of the amount of squatting involved (as if the toilets weren't enough) which kept giving me headaches and blurry vision but other than that it's all good.


Here are some photos of me doing some hard work oh ho ho

Are you turned on yet

with Ben

The peaches look green because they weren't exposed to sunlight. The redness usually comes out after around 5 days of sunlight exposure apparently.

Chao bin

With this picture I'd also like to announce that I am now part of a band called 中国孩子 (China Children) please look out for our debut single which will never be released.

Looks nice?

I don't think so buddy

This picture is funny on its own

After we were done Si Nan then told us to slowly tear off the paper from the peaches that were still on the trees but that didn't go very well because a lot of us just ended up breaking the peach from the tree so I think Si Nan was quite pissed.

We ended up with huuuuge bags full of peaches to bring back because they have all fallen from the floor. It's like a reward from our incompetency.

That's how many peaches we had. (The bag stretched till the floor) Check out Mr Pradheep's "Travis can you stay on-task" face

The peaches ended up sucking ass for me (and I'm not saying ass because of its appearance) because they are hard like apples! Peaches are soft one right? Yet everyone was eating them up like nobody's business.

I was hoping there'd still be some for me when they actually become ripe but at the rate everyone was gobbling them up I gave up.

Meanwhile a toad takes a shit


Group pics!

Me, Angus, Ian, Timothy and a dunnowhat face Charmaine

Here is also a pretty badass picture of me that, if I may say so myself, is totally an accurate representation of the person who I am, and you people should be very scared.

Yea who am I kidding right

But I do look pretty badass

k I'm done showing off

I'd also like to add that this is the first travel post where I actually stuck to my self-set deadline woohoo efficient is me ok bye 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

News Flash to Everyone: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER

I have had ENOUGH

Everyone is being such TIGHT ARSES

What with all this backlash from the Amy Cheong business and Eve Tan business which then resulted in the ever-anal MDA banning some movie.


I'm so damn fed up with how EVERYONE acts like the world owes them a fucking living because they just take life TOO DAMN SERIOUSLY

Why can't we all just get along to be honest and just IGNORE what you don't want to see / hear?

You don't see me EXPLODING each time somebody, and may I add usually of another race, goes around saying OH YOU CHINESE HAVE TEH SMALLEST DICKKKKZXZXSZX

And you people need to REAVE AMY ARONE. She just lost her job how sad is that?

Yes it's a mistake that she shouldn't have said but WE should LET IT GO. Why must our relations be preceded by race? (deepest thing I've said in a while woah good job Travis)

Maybe getting sacked was a good enough warning to ensure that racial order is still in place but since that is already DONE people need to just shut up and get going because I am so sick of it. You people are sickening.

(Unless whatever that's been said is specifically targetting one person then yes that person probably deserves shit)

THANK YOU to the people who think that they shouldn't say too much even if they were the ones targetted because it wouldn't reflect well on them either. But NO THANK YOU to the people who say that 100 times each day. YES WE GOT IT THE FIRST TIME ROUND!!!

If everyone needs something so damn stimulating in their lives just because we're never going to have an earthquake here may I just recommend you to maybe read a book? I particularly love the three little pigs so you can try that.

Or you can watch Christina Aguilera's latest music video, because she is a huge mess. You can also think about why chalet is not pronounced as "chair-lert".

The point of this post is that everyone needs to stop being a tight arse, and to be honest, I really don't see what the fuss is all about. How many horrifically mean things have people said about MY race too anyway?

Everyone's bound to receive shit in every way and in all honesty that's exactly why it's so funny. Life is too short to be taken seriously. So bye. You all can stay mad all you want, but there are things in life that are just not worth it. Like me.

(that's Sibyl's cat hahahahaha)

p/s. Happy Birthday Jannah!!! I just came back from a chalet we had since yesterday and it was funfunfunfun and I was being a total messmessmessmess but I'm glad that she enjoyed herself! I also had the honour of putting makeup on Daniel woohoo I am a talented makeup artist I think I may have an actual career prospect I didn't think I was going to have

CDs of the month (#31)

Ok once again I am late but THAT'S JUST TOO BAD NOW ISN'T IT ok but seriously I'm so fucking tired today and I just realised that I've been going out and coming home really late for the past 4 consecutive days.

I am totally drained of my soul and just when I need my external hard drive I can't find it. In addition to that my irritating 3-year-old desktop PC is really making me go insane.

And so is SingTel's idiot Internet. ARGH so many problems!!! Fuck you SingTel for making my mother change from Starhub to YOU just because you tricked her into thinking you're better and cheaper.

(2012.09.12) Perfume - Perfume Global Compilation "LOVE THE WORLD" (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)
Since we all know Perfume is becoming ~*international*~ their stupid old label decided to release this just to milk their stupid fans like me!

Not that I regret this purchase though because I just feel so compelled to complete my collection with this. At least there's some new material on it that I like...

Annnnnd Perfume will be coming to Singapore as part of their mini world tour!! So exciting!

It's currently scheduled for 24 November but I heard they might postpone or even cancel it because of some conflicts and somehow it ended up being related to the stupid island conflict between China and Japan so we'll just see how it goes.

I'm not that hard up to get the VIP tickets because they're over a hundred dollars and I'm still recovering from my tragic financial losses after seeing Lady Gaga so Sibyl and I will probably just get the $88 ones.

(2012.09.19) Superfly - Force (2CD | 5th Anniversary Limited Edition)
Superfly's latest album!! Which comes in a neat LP-sized packaging that folds out to be like:

Woah woah woah!! You can also read my review of the album on J-Pop KAMPAI! and I have to say that this is one of the best records I've heard this year!! I love this album to DEATH because it's just so good.

I know this is pretty out of nowhere but yes, I listen to freaking Diana Krall.

I've always liked Quiet Nights but never bothered to buy it because I was simply waiting for it to be sold on discount. Then I found it going for 10 bucks on eBay and tada!

I like this album because it's totally lepak music. There's no other way to describe it. Not only is it music to lepak with, but it makes you seem so classy and rich at the same time. Who says I'm pretentious

She also has a new album out this week and I really love it also lor. It's kind of filled with swing music, if that's the correct genre I'm referring to.

I'll probably still buy it only when it's on discount or something though HAHAHA.


Another cheap deal I found while surfing Gramophone's website. Guess how much I bought this for? SGD$4.95. Well, after shipping it'd be only $6.45. BLOODY CHEAP!

And the original price is $23 not some jiakpalang China pressing! So I told Jiarong and we quickly ordered it. I swear they made a mistake and must have wanted to sell it for $14.95 hahaha.

As I've said it a thousand times before, Namie's celebrating her 20th anniversary this year so her label re-released all her past albums and concert DVDs for a limited low-price edition!

Walao these things were going for half the original price of course must buy la. When they first announced the DVDs this wasn't included though so that was depressing.

But after a few weeks they finally realised their tragic mistake so I was damn happy because I think this is one of Namie's best tours!

I also ordered her 2000 concert DVD but it's with Sibyl for now so I'll just wait for her to pass it to me.

Finally I got both of The xx's albums!! My music taste is so diverse, I confuse myself sometimes too. I never liked indie pop music but one day Kim forced me to listen to Angels and I liked it leh!

Then I downloaded their debut album xx and I was HOOKED. Their music is also like lepak music! I love it. I don't quite like their latest album Coexist though, but ok.

So for now I am totally broke. I've been spending my money on too much food lately. As a result I'm slowly waiting for No Doubt, P!nk, Marina and the Diamonds and Nicki Minaj's latest albums to be on discount.

I KNOW I am becoming a super cheapskate but you know what they say: A man's gotta eat.