And yes you'll get slapped if you dissin' ho!

Transcript because you can't hear no shit:
Nicki: ”You think I’m playing. Think it’s a joke! Think this is a f*cking joke! Say one more disrespectful thing to me- say one more disrespectful thing to me.”

Mariah: (Inaudible)

Randy: “Whoah whoah, hold up, settle down”

Nicki: “Don’t lose your head! Yes, don’t tell me I’m inadequate. Maybe you’re inadequate, you’re insecure running down your resume every five minutes. Every time you patronize me Imma take it back and if you’ve got a ****ing problem, handle it.

Mariah: “Oh Why, why, why do I have a three year old sitting around me?”

Nicki: “I told them I’m not ****ing putting up with your ****ing highness over there. I’m not sitting here for 20 minutes and have her run down her resume every five miuutes, every day.”

Mariah: “I couldn’t see my kids because you decided to have a little baby fit and go all around the stage.”

Nicki: “Good! Go! Go see them now, go. You’re boring as ****.


Talk about an oopsie whoopsie! I'm not choosing sides here; I'm only here to bask in the HILARITY of this whole fiasco.

I first played that video and all I heard was some screaming banshee going NYEH NYEH NYEH NYEH. God dammit Nicki needs to SHUT it and take a fucking seat on top of the seat she's already sitting on.

Don't you just love how Mariah just sits there, all cool and shit acting like she's accomplished her mission? It's like that one time in Sec 2 when I pissed Roger so bad that he exploded and all I did was just sit there and laugh.

We all know Mariah is a D-I-V-A. God knows when I remembered watching an episode of Utaban featuring Mariah and Namie Amuro. Mariah was in her diva tone, going all, "This is my new album The Emancipation of Mimi. I want all of you to go buy it. *turns to Namie* Except for you, I'll give you one for free."


And knowing Nicki, bitch can't not explode to save her life. Remember how she closed down her Twitter just because some people were dissing her or something like that? And then she had to reopen it because she needed to promote Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Looooool!

And let's not forget that one time she threatened to cancel an album signing. But as far as I know as long as you leave Nicki alone she leaves you alone too.

So put the 2 of them together and WUZZAH. Somehow I think before all this happened (Nicki's outburst was surely an accumulation of constant shit thrown at her) it went something like this:
Mariah walks in with her skin-tight dress supporting her huge boobs

Mariah: Hey Nicki how are your album sales doing?

Nicki: Oh thanks Mooooriah my album has sold 650, 000 copies so far and I'm going to re-release it even though it was only out earlier this year!

Mariah: Wow, that's pretty sad. I didn't even need to re-release my sophomore album and it sold 3 million copies! I don't know about you, but my albums Music Box and Daydream each got certified DIAMOND! Just like this sparkling diamond on my finger here (probably why Nicki says she keeps running down her resumé every 5 minutes)

Nicki: Sorry Mooriah, but I have 6 BET awards, I wonder what about you?

Mariah: What is a BET award? We only talk about relevant things here. Hold up while I call my housekeeper to see how the polishing of all 5 of my Grammies is coming along.

The best part of all is how they even collaborated once.

American Idol is such a mess now they should just cancel the whole damn thing. The only winner they've produced who is still relevant is Kelly Clarkson, and that's from their first damn season. They need to just STOP

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