Ok hello everybody so GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TODAY!

We were having our first radio tutorial today and we had to introduce ourselves (or rather have our neighbour introduce us) sooooooooooo when Ben introduced me and wanted to talk about my hobby Nicolene decided to butt in and shout "BLOGGING!"

I was like feigning ignorance (by screaming like a siao lang) and my face turned so red I could literally feel the heat!!! HAHAHAHA

ANYWAY it's so unfortunate because if any of my classmates read this especially the post before this which is SO UNLIKE ME all emo and shit it's going to give a false impression SO HELLO IF YOU GUYS ARE READING THIS I AM NOT LIKE THAT K

My radio tutor is like so farrrrnie and my new classmates seem like a fun bunch so this first week of school is going better than expected!! Oh and I also saw Hirzi at Makan Place.

AND I believe we should all have a minute of silence to mourn the loss of one of Makan Place's best stalls, Hungry Jack. URGH

Apparently there's a rumour going around that someone got food poisoning and tada. But the truth of the matter is that I can eat my grilled chicken carbonara till the day I die be it from natural causes or food poisoning to be honest

Ok bye this is actually supposed to be one of my 9000 other disclaimer posts if any of my new classmates sees this I'm not weird and I hope we can still be friends

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