ayumi hamasaki is now 34 years old


Actually at the time of this posting it's already not her birthday in Japan but fuck that!

I have come to a realisation that since next year is Ayu's 15th anniversary, I feel like there's a chance that she might go for another Asia Tour!

And this time I'm quite sure Singapore will not be left out because everyone thought Singapore was a non-English-speaking third world country back in 2007 / 2008 and things are different now!

Especially given the success of many K-Pop concerts, how even Perfume is going to have one, how Namie even bothered to get her lazy ass here and that Kuu even performed here once.

Now, the fact that Kuu performed here is a HUGE deal because her mouth is SO big I bet she immediately went back to the avex office just POURING out all the positive feelings she's had from her time there that they simply can't not let Ayu tour there!!! RIGHT??

Plus Ayu can communicate in English now. The only logical reason I can see why she wouldn't come here is because she's just too damn lazy. She wouldn't even have to pretend that she knows how to speak Chinese.

I'm so excited!! Actually I have plans... to save up and just fly to Japan and watch Ayu, Kuu and Namie live. I need to because them bitches be getting OLD.

I definitely MUST see them within the next 2 years because when I enter NS, another 2 years is too long a wait! Ayu would be 124 years old by then.

If they all tour around the same time that would be great so I can just travel across different parts of the country to see them hahaha

Of course this is ALL TALK la okay blah blah easier said than done blah blah YOU WAIT HOR. YOU WAIT.

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