Bulululu lululu

First of all I'd like to wish Eva the Diva whose second name is Siva (no it's not) a very happy birthday!!!

Second of all I've had a pretty shittastic week. In fact I've had a really shittastic MONTH. This entire October was so unlucky I couldn't even believe it. Like I've never experienced this my whole life.

I'm starting to think this is the doing of some spirits whom I've offended. If so I think they should get a life. So rude!

The number of times I've earned the title of "first loser" this month is absolutely ridiculous.
1. I was queuing up for tickets to Perfume's upcoming concert in Singapore at SCAPE. I queued for 3 whole hours while standing all the way. When I was already at the entrance of the AFA store, they told me that the last ticket was sold to the woman right in front of me. BAM.

2. I found out recently that I was one spot away from being selected to be part of Radio Heatwave. In other words they could only take in 10 but I was the 11th in the list. BAM.

3. One day last week I had 2 buses in a row filled up right when I was standing directly in front of the door where I should be the next to board. BAM BAM.
What... the flying fuck. The icing on the cake is that on Thursday, I spent my entire day drafting up a tour for our IS module to be pitched on Monday. I even completed the powerpoint slides already.

We were supposedly going to have a lovely day at the Malay Village in Geylang. And then I found out later that night at 11PM that the bloody place closed down last year. RACIST!

And those are only a few examples out of many other unlucky experiences this month. I'm so glad November is coming. I think the only good thing that's come out from this month is the fact that I didn't fall down.

I just finished Day 1 of training today to become an FMSA tour guide for the upcoming RED Camp! So if anyone from JWSS signed up for it please come and see me because I have no friends and I'm ronery

This is probably the closest that I'll ever be to become some sort of tour guide. I've been looking for a part-time tour guide job here but as far as I know only Jurong Bird Park is looking for one so meh. Anyway I had fun today although I think I wasn't in my top form and underperformed. Oh well!

So yepzzz this is basically what happened this past month. Still not quite adapted to the new modules yet but I'll get over it.

Oh yea and all the best to those who are currently having their O Levels! Here is one advice: no, it is not Brand's essence of chicken.

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