CDs of the month (#31)

Ok once again I am late but THAT'S JUST TOO BAD NOW ISN'T IT ok but seriously I'm so fucking tired today and I just realised that I've been going out and coming home really late for the past 4 consecutive days.

I am totally drained of my soul and just when I need my external hard drive I can't find it. In addition to that my irritating 3-year-old desktop PC is really making me go insane.

And so is SingTel's idiot Internet. ARGH so many problems!!! Fuck you SingTel for making my mother change from Starhub to YOU just because you tricked her into thinking you're better and cheaper.

(2012.09.12) Perfume - Perfume Global Compilation "LOVE THE WORLD" (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)
Since we all know Perfume is becoming ~*international*~ their stupid old label decided to release this just to milk their stupid fans like me!

Not that I regret this purchase though because I just feel so compelled to complete my collection with this. At least there's some new material on it that I like...

Annnnnd Perfume will be coming to Singapore as part of their mini world tour!! So exciting!

It's currently scheduled for 24 November but I heard they might postpone or even cancel it because of some conflicts and somehow it ended up being related to the stupid island conflict between China and Japan so we'll just see how it goes.

I'm not that hard up to get the VIP tickets because they're over a hundred dollars and I'm still recovering from my tragic financial losses after seeing Lady Gaga so Sibyl and I will probably just get the $88 ones.

(2012.09.19) Superfly - Force (2CD | 5th Anniversary Limited Edition)
Superfly's latest album!! Which comes in a neat LP-sized packaging that folds out to be like:

Woah woah woah!! You can also read my review of the album on J-Pop KAMPAI! and I have to say that this is one of the best records I've heard this year!! I love this album to DEATH because it's just so good.

I know this is pretty out of nowhere but yes, I listen to freaking Diana Krall.

I've always liked Quiet Nights but never bothered to buy it because I was simply waiting for it to be sold on discount. Then I found it going for 10 bucks on eBay and tada!

I like this album because it's totally lepak music. There's no other way to describe it. Not only is it music to lepak with, but it makes you seem so classy and rich at the same time. Who says I'm pretentious

She also has a new album out this week and I really love it also lor. It's kind of filled with swing music, if that's the correct genre I'm referring to.

I'll probably still buy it only when it's on discount or something though HAHAHA.


Another cheap deal I found while surfing Gramophone's website. Guess how much I bought this for? SGD$4.95. Well, after shipping it'd be only $6.45. BLOODY CHEAP!

And the original price is $23 not some jiakpalang China pressing! So I told Jiarong and we quickly ordered it. I swear they made a mistake and must have wanted to sell it for $14.95 hahaha.

As I've said it a thousand times before, Namie's celebrating her 20th anniversary this year so her label re-released all her past albums and concert DVDs for a limited low-price edition!

Walao these things were going for half the original price of course must buy la. When they first announced the DVDs this wasn't included though so that was depressing.

But after a few weeks they finally realised their tragic mistake so I was damn happy because I think this is one of Namie's best tours!

I also ordered her 2000 concert DVD but it's with Sibyl for now so I'll just wait for her to pass it to me.

Finally I got both of The xx's albums!! My music taste is so diverse, I confuse myself sometimes too. I never liked indie pop music but one day Kim forced me to listen to Angels and I liked it leh!

Then I downloaded their debut album xx and I was HOOKED. Their music is also like lepak music! I love it. I don't quite like their latest album Coexist though, but ok.

So for now I am totally broke. I've been spending my money on too much food lately. As a result I'm slowly waiting for No Doubt, P!nk, Marina and the Diamonds and Nicki Minaj's latest albums to be on discount.

I KNOW I am becoming a super cheapskate but you know what they say: A man's gotta eat.


  1. Lol! The DVD re-release still expensive sia!

  2. Haha yeah but still half price ma (that's how auntie I am)