God bless my eyebags

The first week of semester 2 is finally over!! Yayayay! I'm finding it increasingly harder to find a more comfortable position to blog in (kinky) and it's just so sad that my bed doesn't even have a headboard so yea. And yes it's only recently have I found out that it feels pretty guuuud to blog from your bed.

I saw Hirzi of Munah Hirzi in school for the first time this week and omgah!!! I didn't go to say hi because he was quite far away in Makan Place and he was already being swarmed by like, a few other people (like 3). I was so starstruck but NOBODY around me even knew who he was so I looked retarded.

Did I blog about the time where I saw Munah at my workplace?!?!!? Haha it was damn funny because I turned around, saw her, and immediately went "EHHHH!!! HELLO!!!!!" to which she responded with an "EHHHHHHH!!!!" as well haahahaha then she said she wants to buy everything in the shop and I was like sure

After that I scouted for her around the store just for fun but she was gone already sigh

I also interviewed for Radio Heatwave for my second time. The results were actually supposed to be out yesterday and if you didn't get a text it means you're not chosen.

And of course I didn't get the text. Surprise!!!

God dammit, I fell into the trap again. The first time round they made it sound like they liked me so much that I was so optimistic about getting it. This time the SAME THING HAPPENED!! One of the judges kept gushing about how much he liked me but clearly he didn't like me enough.

I guess it's just better than to be like lol you suck get out NEXT. I really thought the interview went well though! I think what sent me down the drain was when they asked me what was so special about me that distinguishes me from the others. Clearly I have a perkier and bigger set of boobs. But it's okay because I'm going to keep trying every semester muahahaha

I was even in that denial stage where I thought that they were playing a prank and that they'd actually only text us like... today or something like that HAHAHA. I'm so delusional sometimes like hi Travis you're so attractive today

Also I miss my old Japanese classmates so much! The best part is that all of them are in the same class together while I'm in some other god forsaken place. Plus our lessons are on the same day so I can't come up with a valid excuse to transfer.

So it's okay I'll just make new friends! Guess what? Yesterday I went into the lift with this guy who coincidentally was also going to the third floor, so I asked if he was having Japanese in 03-03.

He said he was so I was like oh we're classmates! Then when we entered the class I took a seat first while he went to sign his attendance.

You'd think he'd sit beside his newly-made friend but NOOOOOO he decided to go all the way to the back to sit all by himself. Leaving me ALLLLL BYYYY MYYYSEEEEELLLLFFFFFF

And then after that another person came in and was looking for a seat so I thought he'd sit beside me. He decided to go the extra mile in his friend-making strategies by sitting one seat AWAY from me. Eh I very scary meh?

Anyway I did manage to make a few friends in the end. Guess what? They told me that I won't see them next week anymore because they already appealed to transfer classes so BAM. There you go. There's the nutshell.

I also went to watch Perks of being a Wallflower this week with Sonia, Corinne and Kiat.

I HATE IT. I FUCKING HATE IT. Not because it's a bad movie, but because of how TRAGICALLY SAD IT MADE ME. I WAS SO SAD AT THE END I SWEAR I'VE NEVER FELT THAT WAY BEFORE. In conclusion you should watch it and be sad too

On the other hand I also watched Sinister and that movie is good except the ending which SUCKS but I shan't post spoilers

I have some radio assignment to do over the weekend where I have to listen to and analyze a radio station and then write a report about it so that's very exciting.

Meanwhile Chelsea Lately changed its theme song which is now boring as hell because it's not as catchy as the DENG DENG DER DER DER DER DER DERRR DER DER DER DER DER DERRRRR yes you can totally hear it by reading that

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