News Flash to Everyone: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER

I have had ENOUGH

Everyone is being such TIGHT ARSES

What with all this backlash from the Amy Cheong business and Eve Tan business which then resulted in the ever-anal MDA banning some movie.


I'm so damn fed up with how EVERYONE acts like the world owes them a fucking living because they just take life TOO DAMN SERIOUSLY

Why can't we all just get along to be honest and just IGNORE what you don't want to see / hear?

You don't see me EXPLODING each time somebody, and may I add usually of another race, goes around saying OH YOU CHINESE HAVE TEH SMALLEST DICKKKKZXZXSZX

And you people need to REAVE AMY ARONE. She just lost her job how sad is that?

Yes it's a mistake that she shouldn't have said but WE should LET IT GO. Why must our relations be preceded by race? (deepest thing I've said in a while woah good job Travis)

Maybe getting sacked was a good enough warning to ensure that racial order is still in place but since that is already DONE people need to just shut up and get going because I am so sick of it. You people are sickening.

(Unless whatever that's been said is specifically targetting one person then yes that person probably deserves shit)

THANK YOU to the people who think that they shouldn't say too much even if they were the ones targetted because it wouldn't reflect well on them either. But NO THANK YOU to the people who say that 100 times each day. YES WE GOT IT THE FIRST TIME ROUND!!!

If everyone needs something so damn stimulating in their lives just because we're never going to have an earthquake here may I just recommend you to maybe read a book? I particularly love the three little pigs so you can try that.

Or you can watch Christina Aguilera's latest music video, because she is a huge mess. You can also think about why chalet is not pronounced as "chair-lert".

The point of this post is that everyone needs to stop being a tight arse, and to be honest, I really don't see what the fuss is all about. How many horrifically mean things have people said about MY race too anyway?

Everyone's bound to receive shit in every way and in all honesty that's exactly why it's so funny. Life is too short to be taken seriously. So bye. You all can stay mad all you want, but there are things in life that are just not worth it. Like me.

(that's Sibyl's cat hahahahaha)

p/s. Happy Birthday Jannah!!! I just came back from a chalet we had since yesterday and it was funfunfunfun and I was being a total messmessmessmess but I'm glad that she enjoyed herself! I also had the honour of putting makeup on Daniel woohoo I am a talented makeup artist I think I may have an actual career prospect I didn't think I was going to have

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