Before I erase this shit off my memory for good

I forgot to mention something damn shitty which happened to me yesterday so here you go! My demise shall be your entertainment.

I decided to go to school earlier yesterday because I wanted to submit my typography assignment, and also because Cheryl and Nicolene had to attend make-up lessons in the morning so I thought I could also hang with them until SocPsy starts at 1.

So when I reached the bus stop at Clementi MRT station, I saw a 154 stop there so I decided to hop onto it! Screw the 184 that's just come and is right behind the bus I was boarding!

The moment I boarded 154, right after I tapped my card, the whole front part of the bus suddenly dropped. Like as if one of the tires just burst. But I thought screw that let him solve his own problems and moved to the back of the bus.

The bus driver went out of the vehicle to inspect and lucky me! No tires were punctured! Probably just some stupid problem that fixed itself. So the bus went off and stopped at the next bus stop.

That was when shit got real. The bus couldn't move forward anymore! JENG JENG JENGGGGG

We were stuck there for 5 minutes and the bus captain even switched off the engine and started it up again, hoping that whatever was broken would fix itself like how you would restart your phone / computer when something cocks up and everything would be fine again. But nooo, life is just so unfair!

Eventually all the passengers had to alight and as consolation we all got a complimentary bus ticket for our ride to school. Yea right.

So we have 5000 students on their way to NP, stuck at the bus stop right after the one at Clementi Station where every bus that comes now would probably be full as fuck.

So the chances of us actually getting onto the next bus was like 5%. Luckily I was with Lyvia so at least there was someone I know to suffer with me MUAHAHAHA

We eventually gave up and decided to just walk back to Clementi station and get a bus from there instead. Urgh! Day ruined already.

THEN while walking back to the station OH LOOKIE! Here's a DOUBLE-DECKERED 154 COMING YOUR WAY. FFFFFUUUUU and we were quite far from the bus stop we left from already!

Then guess what? OH LOOKIE! A 52 THAT IS PRACTICALLY EMPTY PASSED BY ME! Just like that! Wow! And who would have thought? Here comes a 184 too! THE HOLY TRINITY ALL CAME TOGETHER.

Thankfully we managed to stroll close enough to the point where the bus driver of 184 decided to wait for us, and luckily we got seats too so at least that wasn't really bad.

So yea, shittastic bus experience and I was sweating like a biaaaaatch. Plus, when I reached school I found out everyone was at Canteen 4 which is shit far from where I was so I decided not to meet them after all and I was ALL ARONE though luckily I had Syamimi and Lyvia as company.

I was in such a bad mood I almost murdered someone man. Would've easily jumped straight into an intense chanting ritual and broken someone's neck as sacrifice.

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