Hottest thing on campus i.e. Me

Ok so the thing which I have been doing a very *cough*good*cough* job at hiding from everyone is that... I'm now a Radio Heatwave DJ!!!

For those who don't know Radio Heatwave is Ngee Ann Poly's very own campus radio. Apparently a lot of people don't know about it because nobody tunes in but at least people in the Atrium can hear it... or so I think.

So remember how I was initially not shortlisted by 1 person? Well I woke up one morning on the very 1st day of November and received a phone call from Ryo (lao tiko pictured above) asking me to reaudition. WOAH WOAH WOAH HUUUGE SHOCKER!

And yes he was the one who kept saying he liked me when I auditioned haha. So touched because when they found out they needed 1 more DJ the first thing he did without hesitation was to call me up. Or so he says la.

And tada! Finally some good news in a while. I'm so happy because I've always wanted to be in this from the very start of the year, and I cannot ask for a better management team and team of fellow DJs. Especially Milo who also got in (he got in but didn't tell me because he didn't want me to feel bad lol)! Not to mention I'll be with Kimberly, Firdaus, Jake, Liane, etc. etc!

When they revealed that I was in among the other DJs everyone started to spazz and told me how much they're so happy for me SO TOUCHING OKAY ;_; I think I'm going to cry. Why is everyone so nice?

Anyway my fellow co-host is Lynette who's a year 1 tourism student! Apparently "our characters compliment one another" but we'll probably just end up getting fired one day.

We're hosting "Goldies from the Oldies" every Tuesday from 10am - 12pm! And yes we're playing oldies even though we know shit about the oldies. Things are shaping up to be so exciting already.

And with that said, last Tuesday was actually our first show and it was a hot mess.

There was one talk break where Lynette didn't even switch on my microphone so she was essentially talking to herself on air HAHAHAHAHA! Sadly enough that was the only time people in the atrium bothered to look into the studio because of the sudden dead air.

We also tried waving to passers-by to no avail which resulted in a pathetic competition between Lynette and I to see who can get the most waves. She got 3. I got 1. Come on guys, it's called Radio HeatWAVE for a reason! You gotta wave! Ok I'm just being retarded

Speaking of retarded, we even resorted to running out of the studio during one song and danced around the Atrium just to get other people to notice us. I think we are very professional.

So if you are an NP student and you are reading this please pass by the studio and wave at us and not just ignore us :( I know radio is not meant to be visual la BUT STILL? You try to watch porn with your speakers on but your monitor off see.

We also had our photoshoot which was damn fun I'll post pictures here when it's done being edited woohoo

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