It's November and it's a big deal because I'll be menstruating

It's a new month! I know I'm behaving like a sad loser who looks forward to every new month but remember how I said my October totally SUCKED?

The scary thing is how on the very first day of November things are already looking up. I'm not saying anything now but you'll know very soon because you know I like to keep everything in suspense ;)

Anyway tomorrow will kinda be NP's "halloween" because Stage 52 has their Scarefest thing going on. I'm so excited! Except I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DRESS UP AS. And of course it's already too late to decide but I guess my usual self is enough to scare people off. And I don't even need to get naked!

I also have my first Japanese quiz tomorrow so I hope I don't do very shittily. Since my lessons are at Block 50 my classes are gonna end when the Scarefest is going on LOL. I was never really in the mood for Halloween leh.

Anyway bye

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  1. Travis got into the Radio Heat Vawe