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Busy busy busy HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LOYAL STALKER AND AWESOME FRIEND NICOLENE TAN JUN YI!!!!!!!!!!!@!@@@! And an advanced happy birthday to the best mat rapper Kiat who turns 18 tomorrow!

Next week is already submission week and I feel quite happy with myself because I actually managed to complete my GraComm typography assignment early! Yay! And Mr Choy seems quite satisfied with my work so it's all good. It's definitely not A standard for sure but if I'm lucky maybe I'll get a B+.

While we're on the topic of Mr Choy and given how he Googles himself on a regular basis (or so he says) I would like to take the opportunity to talk about how HILARIOUS he is.
~*Quotes of Mr. Choy*~

*Cheryl burps*
"Haven't raining yet got frog already ah?"
(laugh track)

"Mr Choy you must remember me cuz one day I will be famous"
"You famous nothing to do with me what just like when you eat I'm still hungry"
(laugh track)

"Mr Choy you look like a Hongkie"
"I'm not a Hongkie I'm Choy K. Kee (his real name)"
(laugh track)

"Once Ms Sharon asked to borrow my key but I told her like that my name will only be Choy Kok"
(laugh track)

"I don't bluff people, I con people. That's why I teach GraCon (GraComm). You all worse you all MASS CON!"
(laugh track)
And yes I deliberately avoided typing out his name in full because in the event where he really googles his name and finds this site then that's when I'm really gonna get a D for this module.

Earlier this week on Monday for one of my modules we went to the Peranakan museum for a field trip and it was so interesting. My personal favourite is the one where you can see how the funerals are carried out because that's just how morbid I am.

I find the Peranakan culture to be quite interesting leh. Did you know the dining plates they use have insects printed on them because they symbolise a neverending supply of food? I can't even stand it when the science textbooks have huge pictures of closeups of bees printed on them.

While we're all laughing at the state of Christina Aguilera's career (it just came to my mind and I lol'd) I'd like to also say that I'm actually making progress in piano!! I think I'm a musical prodigy.

I'm also thinking of learning the guitar but I'm not that hard up on learning yet. Kiat taught me how to play a bit of the ukelele and I was so amazed with my abilities. I'm so delusional sometimes

My Japanese classes are still boring as usual but I'm glad I'm still able to catch up on lessons. So far I've made 2 friends in my class and the strange thing is how only one of them will be present each week.

Last week it was friend A who came and friend B was absent but this week it was the other way round. It's almost as though god be all like "Yeah Travis is so annoying he deserves to have 0 friends but I  pity him so I'll give him a maximum of 1 friend every Friday from 6-8. He doesn't even think I exist!"

Speaking of god and friends president Tony Tan visited our school on Thursday! It was DAMN FUNNY because Nicolene, Preeti, Oliver, Jake, Aloysius and I stationed ourselves near the FMS courtyard to be his stalker-ish fans and when he came we all scurried to sit down and acted like normal people when inside we were all freaking out and starstruck (or may only me).

Then he walked past us and waved at us and we awkwardly stood up to wave back. It all happened so quickly I wasn't even able to get my shit together.

Ok I don't really know what else to say so bye

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