A year without RAAAAAAAAAIN (Hi Selena Gomz)

Earlier this year I've been duped by the biggest asshole in Singapore. I read this book written by some ~*grand master*~ who predicts your luck and shit for the year based on your zodiac during Chinese New Year.

So for people like me born in the year of the dog, 2012 was supposed to be so bad that I would basically fail in life and shit. Well, that's not too far from the truth for me, but after reading that I even went all the way to some godforsaken temple I've never been to to pray to the gods.

Bullshit man. My year was fucking awesome. Therefore this can only lead to two conclusions: (1) the praying to the gods actually worked, so thank you whoever (2) grand master more like great grand father instead.

As the year, not the world, is coming to an end, here is a list of all the stupid accomplishments that I have achieved, which also serves as a very direct fuck you to that zodiac master dude. I'm never reading your shit again!
  1. I had my first ever job and I loved it
  2. Actually did pretty well for my O Levels
  3. Won at least one award for Speech Day and got to eat the buffet (albeit a disappointing one) - the reason why I worked so hard for my O's
  4. Got into the course I've always wanted
  5. Improved relations with people around me
  6. Ended up on the Director's List for my first semester
  7. Got into Radio Heatwave - one of the 3 things on my to-do list as a poly student
  8. Finally got around to learn the piano
  9. Got to watch Lady fucking Gaga live -- and at the first row too
  10. Changed up my hair for once -- still unattractive, but at least I'm not walking around looking like Steven Lim
  11. Went to China and lived to tell the tale
  12. Started a J-Pop blog at long last which is doing moderately well
  13. Met the greatest bunch of friends I could once only ever dreamed of :)
While that was a list of things I got done during the year, what you don't know yet is the list of things I didn't do during the year.
1. Actually wrapping up my series of blog posts documenting my braces journey 
Because I wanted to make a video showing the transition but I never really got around to do it. Maybe next year, maybe next year.
2. Completing my China blog post series
Oops. The only deadline I stuck to was for the first part of the series and after that I was just like meh. I'LL GET IT DONE!

Anyway to usher in the new year I'm experiencing yet another phase in my life where I feel like making changes to my room, and I'm going to start by actually throwing away my closet. That's right people, I'm coming out of the closet.

Loljk the truth is the sliding doors spoilt a few months after I got it in 2008 (that's 5 bloody years ago) and I don't even use the clothes in my closet anymore. I store most of my clothes in my mother's closet since she doesn't stay with us anymore and it's more spacious.

So I'll be replacing where my closet is with a chest of drawers instead where I can hide the mess that's exposed to all the dust and stuff around my room. Aiya if you've seen my room before you'll know

2012 for me was a great year although I've faced some really shitty periods but for the most part I still feel pretty amazing, other than the fact that I'm going through what might be some premature form of a midlife crisis. I need help.

Will be baking some cheesecake tomorrow (ie. later on today) to prep for the steamboat party on the 1st (yay) so that's exciting.

Anyway I don't have a calendar for next year! Since 2007 I've been buying Ayu's calendars but it seems that she's too lazy to produce them anymore. I guess they really thought the world was going to end this year.

Also, since I've been feeling really bored lately, I'd also like to take the chance to inform everyone that I now have a formspring account. Yes, ask me all your anonymous, sexual, questions. Tell me your darkest secrets...  because I have nothing better in life to do. What to do, midlife crisis.

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