CDs of the month! (#33)

(2012.11.08) ayumi hamasaki - LOVE (CD+DVD)

Love is in the air especially for this one hot mess here and her recent announcement that she's dating her back-up dancer everyone thought was gay!

Ayu will celebrating her 15th anniversary next year so what's the lonely party queen gonna do? She will have a release on the 8th of every month which started from November and will last all the way till March 8, which means there'll be five releases in total! So exciting!

And of course it's on the 8th because she debuted on April 8. Crossing my fingers for an Asia Tour next year, especially when Namie already announced that she's coming too!! 2013 is gonna be a great year, and that's if we're not dead by then.

Anyhoo I think this mini-album is damn good although there's only like 3 original songs on it. But ~*labels are labels*~ after all

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I haven't really gotten around to buy any CDs this month and I doubt I'd buy any next month too. J-Pop is surprisingly dead while on the other hand there's so much going on in the US.

Like right now I'm totally digging Alicia Keys' latest album (although it doesn't sound like she evolved much) and Lana Del Rey's Born to Die and Paradise.

I also wanna get Kelly Clarkson's Greatest Hits because I'm such a sucker for generic songs and I love Catch My Breath. I'd also like to thank Rihanna for releasing such a shittily horrible album that it turned me off from ever buying it unless it's on 90% discount. What can I say I have a versatile music taste.

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