Christmas in 2012

I decided to start off this post with this really unflattering and/or non-representative *ahem* picture of me because I am an attention whore. It's also to show how much I condone drinking your sorrows away.

Anyway this year's Christmas celebrations for me were pretty eventful!! In fact it's not even over yet because there's something else on the 1st as well as next year but oh wow the point is isn't it amazing how my life is so hip hop and happening?!

On Christmas Eve I finally decided to visit Sibyl!!! The last time I saw her was like after the Born This Way Ball which was all the way back in May! Plus I haven't seen her cat Tatie in almost a year!

Preparation for Chinese New Year


Too bad we didn't really do much though. Tatie was busy smelling the roasted pork rice which I packed there (I asked the woman for Roasted duck AND roasted pork rice dammit) though I must say that's one way they are better than dogs where the latter will probably devour the whole thing in a blink

We did cards though!! It was a pretty last minute thing because later that day I had a Christmas party at Eva's house (as with every year) with the usual gang and I didn't prepare any gifts for them HAHAHA I'm so mean but hey, the both of us eventually decided to come up with something made with TRC (tender roving care) and words from the bottom of my heart

These are the front of the cards. The shapes I cut them into are not the things that each of them like, but rather what suits the concept of my words best. You will know why:

Sincere or WHAT? And this Christmas makes it the third consecutive year I've made cards for them! I'm on a card-making ROLL

But of course I kept tripping over my conscience that night (god dammit) because they all put in so much more effort in their gifts :( I'm sorry guys but I will be there 5ever 4 u

Potentially possessed necklace from Christel from Nepal and a MARC JACOBS laptop sleeve from Eva + her mum! Crazy but I ROVE IT! They say it's so me but I'm guessing that's simply based on the nip slip alone

Philana also made me a jar of her AWESOME cookies so guess who's cumming all over the floor tonight

I'm sorry for the disturbing visual you may or may not have just had

But you know what suay thing happened? When I was on the train to Lakeside to get to Eva's house I asked her what bus I can take from the Lakeside MRT Station itself. She said 180 and 187, so I boarded a 180, and she said I can just alight after 2 stops.

After 2 stops, I knew I was nowhere near where I was supposed to me and just assumed that maybe the "2 stops" was referring to bus 187 and that maybe 180 will eventually turn in and go to where I should be.

NOPE. The moment it went past Chinese Garden it turned into BUKIT TIMAH RD and that was when I knew it was the cue for me to alight. And I got lost. So I took a cab there eventually.

I slept over that night and on Christmas Day itself I was going to meet Angus for Korean BBQ at Novena woah woah woah

Not before Eva's mum decided to give me a facial though:

All she used was egg white and cotton pads. Apparently this was her home remedy for her acne / blackheads / whatever back when she was schooling as well. And I must say it's DAMN GOOD because after the cotton pads dried, I peeled them off and every. single. blackhead. was GONE! I was so impressed man

As for the fake cucumbers on my eyes I only casually said "Should also put cucumbers on my eyes ah" and OUP THERE IT IS

Later that night Angus and I went to some Korean BBQ buffet restaurant at Novena village which was freaking awesome although I didn't snap any pictures. After that we just lepak-ed somewhere and talked till 11:00PM. Would've been better if we had beer but oh wells ~*17 year old alcoholic problems*~

We're such sad losers to be spending Christmas all alone with each other but it's okay because the food and company was still great

The next day Nicolene, Kin Leonn and I went to Hatched for breakfast! Well it wasn't really planned to be a Christmas breakfast but it's just so convenient to label things nowadays. Like how people like to label me as a retard. Except mine is true

It was our first time going there and the food there is soooo gooooood. Plus Kin Leonn came all over the floor so that's embarrassing (no it didn't really happen) (or did it?)

Me taking a picture of Nicolene taking a picture of Nicolene.

And here is Kin Leonn showing off his mad skillz at the piano because he is ~*oh so talented*~ which Rajid can't stop slapping in my face with on Twitter the other day urgh

Yesterday we also had an impromptu Christmas celebration with Angus, Nicolene, Charmaine, Corinne, Jesslyn, Jeremy and Valerie at my house. Only because Charmaine decided to have her secret santa exchange w/ Jesslyn, Jeremy and Valerie at my house HAHAHA.

It was a very historical event because I finally convinced my schoolmates to come to Jurong West! And they've come to realise that it's actually not surrounded by industrial shit everywhere #surprise

We wanted to study but we ended up gossiping ALL DAY LONG and I swear you put 4 FMS girls in a room all hell breaks loose man if it wasn't my house I'd be running home already but it was still hilarious nonetheless

And that's all for the Christmas celebrations so far. Will be having a steamboat partay w/ the kampongz on the 1st then a Christmas loft-stay (lol) with the Radio Heatwave crew from 11-12 Jan so exciting.

In other exciting news Angela made me a Christmas card which has so much more effort put in than my other cards and I received my MacBook case yesterday woohoo! Those transparent ones so that I can print stickers and kiap them between the case and the laptop.

OH AND I'M TURNING 18 SOON? Fuck that shit

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