From real cupcakes to fake sushi

What better way to kick-start a term break by baking cupcakes at Charmaine's house? Lolling around in your bed with the air con on at full blast. But since I've decided to live a more active lifestyle (my ass), we be baking cupcakes y'all!

Part of the cupcakes were for her best friend whose birthday is like, tomorrow, but I don't even know her so talk about ~*kindness of strangers*~ hahahaha

On a random sidenote I think I might consider moving to Khatib now that I've discovered that there's an actual Indian rojak stall there :OOOOO

So everything was going pretty well and I was getting the hang of making the actual cupcakes from the already prepared batter.

And then they told me to create the last batch of batter, and to save time, also told me to double the dosage so I was actually making 2 batches of batter in one big bowl. Big responsibility man!!

So I was having so much fun sieving in the flour, but I complained about how sticky the sieve was until I totally forgot how much flour I was putting in.

Then when I said "Shit guys I forgot how much flour I put in already." YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON NICOLENE TAN'S FACE. Waaa I swear she was about to grab me by the ball sack and hang me upside down from the ceiling fan by my underwear!

So I got so scared that I pretended like I remembered and was like "Oh yea remember liao I GOT IT!" and continued adding more flour and continuing like I knew my shit when actually I didn't even know what I was doing

Eventually when it got to mixing the batter it ended up being DAMN THICK AND STICKY but I kept hoping that maybe it (1) needed more oil (2) needed more buttermilk (3) just not beaten long enough yet to its desired consistency.

Tried all 3, all 3 didn't work, and the consistency ended up being similar to MUA CHEE. I felt so bad that I disappointed everyone plus it was the first time they experienced my baking so naturally they have ~*formed the perception of Travis being inept at baking*~ which is NOT TRUE!

Eventually when they still kept to the faith that it might end up good, IT DID LOOK GOOD AFTER COMING OUT OF THE OVEN! But they tasted like shit of course. Plus those things were so robust you could probably throw it from the 20th storey and there wouldn't be a single dent in it.

But hey, at least something good came out of something bad. If my future prospect of being a baker fails, I can always bake for people who only use food for illustration purposes for advertisements. RIGHT? Shut up I'm just trying to console myself ok

Then I got really depressed so I ended up playing with Charmaine's playdough sushi set which I must say I'm pretty damn good at

But all in all we all still had fun and I'm still sorry and remorseful nonetheless for ruining what could have been amazing cupcakes. I'm just glad nobody threw me down the open window because of my screwing up and after that we went to Seoul Garden which immediately made me regret having that Indian rojak

You know I was actually pretty sad when they said things like "YUE BANG YUE MANG", "GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!", and "TRAVIS JUST SIT DOWN AND WATCH THE OVEN" and I've come to realise that if there's anything I place greater pride in than my collarbones, it's my cooking lor!

Milo even said that they have experienced my first failure :( IF YOU CUT ME DO I NOT BLEED ok la I know they were only joking but pain is pain any way you slice it :( or bake it :( or sieve it :(

Maybe if the sieve decided not to be so sticky I wouldn't be so distracted with all the complaining IT'S THE SIEVE'S FAULT! What do you mean by "don't blame the gun blame the person shooting it" I dunno what you're talking about

Meanwhile I dunno why but I'm supposed to relax for this 2 weeks yet I keep having the constant feeling of having so much shit to do. Oh noes

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