I'm sorry that I'm not dead yet :(

I apologise for the lack of updates this past week because I've been busy trying to kill myself. I apologise once again for those who were hoping I'd be dead but I'm not so fuck you too!

Though I think my end is near because I've had a flu and cough for about one week now and it's getting really annoying. Plus somewhere in the middle of the week I actually had blood in my mucus how gross.

Anyway I'm finally done with the term!!!!! Which is actually pretty sad. I'm starting to enjoy this semester although everyone can't seem to wait for the next semester break. Hello? Before we know it we'll be second year students!!! But I wanna be a freshie 5ever!!!!

Last week's marketing test was actually okay and it was pretty shocking to hear from Ms Janice that I emailed her the most questions over the weekend when I only asked like 2.

Also I'm quite satisfied with my first 2 Radio assignments' results as well. Apparently for the first assignment Mr Yoka didn't like the idea of my "Wow!" and "Oh my god!" sound effects being only 1 second each because they should be three.

Where got people wow can wow for 3 seconds one? I even used the iPhone stopwatch to time my "Wow!" and it was 0.8 seconds!!! Then Mr Yoka very funny lor kept saying that it's 8 seconds because stopwatches go by hour, minute, then second. I freaking died. But I didn't do badly la so I'm not complaining or anything heheheheh.

I seriously don't think I will do well for GraCom because my 20% drawing test was a B+. Ok la, shouldn't expect much but I was marked down partially because the pool table I drew didn't have the 6 holes on it. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

In other news... I have no idea why I'm feeling so tired right now but I'll be blogging more during this 2 week break so yay! I like how December used to be my most post-intensive month but this year it's gonna be pretty dead since I'm tied down by quite a lot of work. ~*FMS student problems*~

I just don't get people who have all the energy to get shit done you know what I'm sayin

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