The Revolutionary Fried Rice Game

Okay hello everybody Merry Christmas eve. I can't sleep tonight so I've decided to blog. I don't know about you guys but I'm getting excited

Anyway just now on Skype I was talking to Nicolene and Kin Leonn and I suddenly thought of a BRILLIANT IDEA.

The Revolutionary Fried Rice Game.

It is a fantastic (if I may say so myself) game idea that everyone can play for friend or family gatherings. These gatherings will never be the same again!!

First of all you need to find a person's house that has a looooot of rice. I know, that's so challenging.

Then each attendee to your ~*party*~ will have to bring one ingredient each, and from there you must use all the ingredients brought to cook the fried rice. COOL RIGHT?

Plus this is like the ultimate test of friendship man. If it's just an acquaintance who's cheapo and doesn't wanna spend much, he or she will probably just bring hot dogs.

If it's a really close friend of yours, he or she will probably bring dead cockroaches. What a feast!

I really should be sleeping now though because I'll be meeting Sibyl and her cat Tatie later on today and then having a Christmas dinner at Eva's house. It's gonna be a great day! My ass.

I'm going to be a walking zombie dependent on caffeine and will probably zonk out while the night is still young. Plus, I didn't get any Christmas presents for my friends going to Eva's house too. I'm such a dick.

But to be fair they didn't even appreciate my present last year lor! I lovingly photoshopped each of their faces (meticulously chosen from their Facebook photos!) onto a really hot body of the opposite sex, and  printed them out on the front of the card. Now, if that isn't sweet, I don't know what is.

But noooOOooOooo they never let anyone else see my fine piece of art again and dumped it in the darkest depths of their rooms. I had nothing but good intentions ;_;

Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok goodnight good lord my words are so boring even typing them feels like I'm reading a bedtime story

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