Urgh I'm so pissed off!

I attempted to log in to Gmail today and I was signed out so I signed back in and they told me that they suspected ~*suspicious activity*~ on my account. They didn't even tell me specifically what the suspicious activity was and forced me to reset my password! Rude! Annoying!

It's annoying me so much because not only has Gmail done this to me already, but also eBay, Twitter and Facebook! What the fuck is wrong with everyone? And all 4 passwords are 13 characters long, are mixed case and have both alphabets and numbers and I've been using that password ever since I was P2 so if you ask me I think it's totally flawfree lor.

And because I've been using it for so many donkey years it comes naturally to me and now they're giving me this bullshit by asking me to come up with an entirely new password that I may or may not forget in the coming weeks :( ~*whiny fuck and not grateful that it is all for my own good*~

Anyway I've been pretty in the zone doing up some of the stuff for our final marketing project already. I also pitched my idea for my final Radio assignment and Mr Yoka seems pretty pleased so I'm quite excited to do it with Syamimi! (If she agrees on going with mine la)

The next 2 weeks are gonna be so busy, I don't think I'll even be enjoying my birthday weekend. Le sigh. But it's okay because I don't have a life anywayzzz

Neh neh pok

I have to go to Orchard to film for my IS documentary later in the afternoon and I am feeling like SHIIIIIIT

I still feel so uncertain even though the semester is coming to an end. And filming the IS documentary is such a pain in the ass because there is a chance that we may not get any street interviews tomorrow and there is a lot of shit left to be done so it's kinda scary when you think about it.

And because I feel so gong about everything here is a self-note of the assignments that are left for the semester
01. IS Documentary
02. Radio Capsule
03. Marketing 10% Quiz
04. Marketing 45% Presentation
05. SOCPSY Common Test
06. SOCPSY Notebook Shit
07. More unknown SOCPSY Assignments and shit
08. GRACOMM Final Assignment
09. SPECOM Radio Tour
10. SPECOM Final Speech
~*Holy shitballs that's 10 assignments in less than 4 weeks*~ 

Which is why I don't understand why everyone is like "There's only 4 weeks!!" like kanasai lor you see this workload we should all be going apeshit lor.

Plus this week is like my birthday week so someone's going to turn 18 being depressed about schoolwork :(

But it's okay because although 2013 is coming onto a rough start I've discovered a few enlightenments over the past 2 weeks so I feel better to a certain extent.

Plus I know 2013 is going to be a great year for me because I have a few personal projects I'm gonna do for mahhhselfff (i.e. get a life)

Anyway I dropped by Sibyl's place today because I was studying at Novena w/ Angus, Charmaine and Nicolene so since I was nearby might as well.

And lucky me because they are in the process of moving houses so they're throwing away a bunch of shit, until I saw this painting that belonged to her sister and it's damn cute!

Like it's a painting of some cat and yea I feel so heterosexual exclaiming my love for it but yea

Then I found out that the outline was done by this somewhat famous guy called Eeshaun (you can google him if you want to) and Sibyl's sis painted everything else. She told me I could keep it!

I didn't bring it home la of course cuz it's so big but I'm gonna do so during Chinese New Year so I'm eggcited. Also because I'm planning to take down these 2 ayumi hamasaki posters with her face obnoxiously close up right in front of my bed so that painting will make a perfect substitute.

Anyway I better go to sleep now I pray for good weather tomorrow and for everyone to be in a good mood tomorrow so that they would want to take part in my iPhone-filmed documentary

Yo bitches

Ok so here is a brief rundown (actually it's not that brief) of what has been hip hop and happening in my life this year thus far and it's really sad that I'll be turning 18 so soon so after this post I'll be wallowing in self-pity at the corner of my room, drowning my sorrows in plain water

Recently I dreamt about a piece of spinach that got stuck between my back teeth and I was trying SO hard to get it out with my tongue. SO ANNOYING + it made me wake up which therefore leaves my dream at a cliffhanger because I will never find out if I did manage to get the spinach out of my teeth. ~*Travis problems*~

As if that wasn't bad enough on the very first day of school on the 2nd, within less than 5 minutes from stepping out my house, a bird decided to take a shit on the tree I was walking under and it landed on my arm!

The fact that I was already running late for school didn't do me any favours either. RUDE BIRD! I think if it handed in my hair I would've just skipped school that day.

Then on New Year's Day (yea this post is chronologically messed up) to celebrate that + Christmas we all had a steamboat parta-a-a-ay at Kim Teo's house! It was awesome but I didn't really take a lot of pictures la.

I arrived in my signature attire of an oversized T-Shirt and boxers and the moment I stepped in Nicolene and Angus didn't waste any time at all in exclaiming how much they were judging my outfit lor. Come on la see also you all see only ma!!

Plus I baked cheesecake for them and this is what I get sigh friends

A disapproving Nicolene and a Travis completely devoid of fucks to give #ootd

Nicolene also baked cookies stuffed with oreos and it's hard as a rock but tastes as good as a __ck (rhyme it as you will)

I shall spare you the boring details of everything else but during the secret santa ~ceremony~, like before it even happened I saw something that was wrapped in the shape of a ukelele and I was like "Wa skarli it's really a ukelele sia"

Then during the ~*ceremony*~ I found out the ukelele-shaped present was MINE!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! AND


IT WAS FROM KIAT TAN WEI JIE I FUCKING LOOOOOOOOVE HIIIIIIIIIIIM before opening the present everyone was so skeptical and said things like "Aiya must be the case inside got something else" but oh my god la

The reason why he bought me this was because of how I told him I wanted to learn it during Nicolene and his birthday party at Cheryl Koh's house so the fact that he remembers what I said (trust me it doesn't happen very often) makes me so touched :')

And I will make sure I learn this shit!

The stuff everyone else got. I bought Corinne the bunny hat because I know she is secretly a horny girl deep inside + a ring and bangle from Cotton On. Nicolene lagi best got 3 mangoes from Nathania and Kiat got a bloody toaster from Jeremy HAHAHAHAH

Look at me retardedly posing with the ukelele oh god but I was really ecstatic so please stop judging me. Please

Let me think of what other stuff happened... oh yea here's the show poster for my Radio Heatwave show with Lynette!

Check out my legs they thin as fuuuuuuuuck but there's only 2 shows left to go before we stop for the semester break so that's pretty sad because Lynette is an awesome show partner.

I've been trying so hard to get her to snort while laughing on air but every time I say a joke she says she doesn't get it.

Then we go off air and she starts laughing her ass off, and it's not even because she purposely doesn't want to laugh on air. It's because it takes her that long to get my jokes. Exactly. Love you too Lynette

Speaking of Radio Heatwave we also got to visit Power98 FM in December last year so check this shizzle out

And each of us got to record a dedication that they'd air between 9pm-11pm that night! So me, Kimberly, Firdaus, Jake, Milo and Shermin literally camped at some Starbucks at Clarke Quay with our ears right beside the MacBook speaker (by speaker I mean keyboard since nobody knows where the speakers are), patiently waiting for our dedication to broadcast.

I dedicated Rihanna's Diamonds to NP students because I didn't know what other song to dedicate at that point of time and yea hahahah. I didn't sound my best but it's okay because yolo

By the way

Don't Kim & I look alike

Moving on, I was assigned with Nicolene to do our third Radio Assignment together and we were supposed to use this audio editing programme called ProTools that was installed on our MacBooks. So convenient! The only downside is that you need to freaking book out some thumbdrive in school in order to use it, so that's one motherfucking piss shit of a downside!

Sooooooo I decided to be a smart aleck and use Adobe Audition to do the assignment because I was more familiar with that + we only needed to submit the final .wav file anyway.

But in a shocking twist of events Mr Yoka told us that he wanted the Protools session file too and Nicolene and I were panicking like shit but we managed to get things done la so it's okay.

Our assignment was to use sounds to create a storyline so we did a really simple and unoriginal story -- woman walks to platform and boards an MRT with a bomb in it that explodes. But there's a twist! After the first bomb explodes, ANOTHER BOMB EXPLODES! 2 BOMBS! Bet you didn't see that coming

And this was a random picture taken to support this semester's Year 3 APR students' Capstone Project where they are working with the PUB with a campaign for youths to save water hahahaha

Before I end off because I have nothing else to talk about I found out I'm on JWSS' 2012 yearbook but I haven't gotten my copy yet but what I have gotten is a screenshot thanks to Kimberly (my junior) (That's 3 Kims in one post oh my god) of a really high resolution picture of me when I first got my results and let's just say it's not my most attractive photo la hor, so all the more I will take a proper photo  of that when I get it HAHAHA

and the most unattractive tour guide award goes to

Whew! There goes the open house for this year at NP. And whew! There also goes your brain cells for coming to read this shit!

It's funny because it brings back memories of the past open houses I've been the previous 2 years. All I really ever do at open houses is to 1) take the goodie bag (It's free hello) and 2) take as many school brochures as I can (It's free also hello) then get my ass out

Most of all I never thought I would EVER be schooling in Ngee Ann because I was so dead sure I was going to end up in SP so all I ever did in NP was to get their goodie bag and leave.

I wanted to go for the FMS tour, which ironically I'm a tour guide for this year, but I was too freaked out by the crowd at the courtyard generally so I just left HAHA

I have to say though that taking part in open house is one of the best experiences I've had so far in this school. I mean you guys know how much I like to talk so obviously this job is perfect for me besides prostitution and I've already said multiple times before that I really really loooooove being a tour guide which, may I add, I failed at finding a part time job for.

Most importantly is that I'm glad to have been able to give really informative yet fun tours to everyone who I've taken on for. I've always dreaded tours that were boring as shit and I am so glad that everyone generally didn't take me so seriously and most of them loosened up as the tour went by, laughing along to my stupid jokes / actions and stuff like that. So uptight for what right?

The best group I've had is probably the group that is pictured above. They were from Hong Kah Secondary (+ red shirt guy from Maris Stella) and they were HIGH AS A KITE!

I REALLY enjoyed myself the most when I was giving them the tour and nothing makes me happier than seeing the people I'm with be happy as well. Being a tour guide is probably the most rewarding when your tourmates are actually interested in what you have to say, are curious and ask a lot of questions, and don't mostly just talk among themselves, completely uninterested in what you have to show them, and trust me, I've had a fair share of those during my time at the Open House.

They even made a song about me! I don't remember the lyrics or the tune but what I do know is that it's about my hair and why it's like that and why I decided to dye it brown. What can I say I get them people talkin'

And they even wanted to take pictures with me the moment the tour ended (all shown above)! That seriously made my day :') and they posted them on instragram where I asked them to tag #mophead so that I'll be able to find them later and they really did it hahaha

So that's just some of the few reasons why I love being a tour guide so much and I really wouldn't mind doing them over and over again. I do regret that I didn't get to go on duty for the last day of open house because I had to get my radio assignment done!

Of course this wouldn't be happening if I didn't sign up to be part of the FMS Union and join the FMS Agents in this. Got to make new friends, interact with a lot of new people, and learn some new things as we went along.

I'll admit that at one short period of time between the open house trainings I was rather upset because I wasn't shortlisted to be the SMT nominees (they're basically like the excos) but I've come to realise that I'm just being too damn greedy if I'm going to do this just so that they'll give me a leadership position.

What matters in the end is that I enjoy what I'm doing and being part of the open house itself talking to so many people enthusiastic about joining FMS or Ngee Ann itself is a rewarding experience on its own. What can I say I'm so easy to please

I guess it's okay if I'm not selected to be an SMT because I don't regret anything that I've done so far and I know I've given my best performance. Plus at least I'll know I didn't resort to sexual favours in hopes of getting myself to where I am. Yes I'm not a slut so surprising right?!

I hope I haven't bored you too much but seeing everyone pour out their feelings about this on Facebook gives me so many feels and therefore made me decide to have say about this as well.

Sorry la I don't know how to use cheem idioms and analogies and cheesier messages all but I really wanna thank the people who have made this such an enjoyable experience for me to be working with all my awesome schoolmates.

We can all have mass orgy next time okay?

CDs of the month! (#34)

Odamn looks like I forgot about this blog once again because it is so insignificant but anyway I've been busy with Open House yesterday and I am shitting bricks over my radio assignment because it's on borderline crisis (talk about it soon) so I deepry aporogize hor

I got Alicia Keys' latest album yay! To be honest I think this is her weakest album in her discography but I guess it's not that bad, just that it may bore you towards the end. It's definitely one of her best album covers though.

(2012.12.08) ayumi hamasaki - again (CD+DVD)

Packaging Pics | Review

Ayu's second of five releases every month leading up to her 15th anniversary.

I think as a whole it's better than the first release but too bad it's flopping so bad because everyone's going apeshit about how her boyfriend is being subtly shoved into our faces throughout the entire album shoot

Her third release for this month is a classical album though and it sounds fucking good except I totally forgot to preorder it a few weeks back but hopefully I'll be able to get it soooooon.

Meanwhile if any secondary school students are reading this please come for Open House on Monday and Tuesday because it's very exciting if I may say so myself

I can't sleep so here's one for you

Sometimes I think I'm really attractive and sometimes I think I'm really attractive. Anyhoo, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

I hope life is smooth-sailing for you this year LOLJK I HOPE IT CRASHES AND BURNS LOLJK AGAIN love you

Anyway I held out on buying this album that just came out 2 weeks ago and CDJapan decided to open up their new year sales for the next 3 days and lucky me, that said album is suddenly on 20% discount! Finally some good news on New Year's Eve.

I also baked a cheesecake for the steamboat potluck later on today so I'm excited to redeem myself after the cupcake disaster.

Among other realisations in 2012 I've also discovered that I think I have caffeine dependency. Okay maybe I do have caffeine dependency.

Like I don't drink coffee everyday but just 2 days ago, after spending 2 days prior completely comprising me rolling around in my bed, I drank a cup of coffee which almost immediately brought me into THE ZONE. You know what I'm saying?

I was so IN THE ZONE that I finished phonetics revision within a few hours that night, and almost immediately after that managed to fart out 4 blog posts for my J-Pop blog when I've been dreading to do for the past few days.

Walao, I am hopeless man. I don't even drink coffee that often. The last one I drank was 1 week ago.

My body is weird. My mind is weird. I think I'm weird.