CDs of the month! (#34)

Odamn looks like I forgot about this blog once again because it is so insignificant but anyway I've been busy with Open House yesterday and I am shitting bricks over my radio assignment because it's on borderline crisis (talk about it soon) so I deepry aporogize hor

I got Alicia Keys' latest album yay! To be honest I think this is her weakest album in her discography but I guess it's not that bad, just that it may bore you towards the end. It's definitely one of her best album covers though.

(2012.12.08) ayumi hamasaki - again (CD+DVD)

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Ayu's second of five releases every month leading up to her 15th anniversary.

I think as a whole it's better than the first release but too bad it's flopping so bad because everyone's going apeshit about how her boyfriend is being subtly shoved into our faces throughout the entire album shoot

Her third release for this month is a classical album though and it sounds fucking good except I totally forgot to preorder it a few weeks back but hopefully I'll be able to get it soooooon.

Meanwhile if any secondary school students are reading this please come for Open House on Monday and Tuesday because it's very exciting if I may say so myself

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