Urgh I'm so pissed off!

I attempted to log in to Gmail today and I was signed out so I signed back in and they told me that they suspected ~*suspicious activity*~ on my account. They didn't even tell me specifically what the suspicious activity was and forced me to reset my password! Rude! Annoying!

It's annoying me so much because not only has Gmail done this to me already, but also eBay, Twitter and Facebook! What the fuck is wrong with everyone? And all 4 passwords are 13 characters long, are mixed case and have both alphabets and numbers and I've been using that password ever since I was P2 so if you ask me I think it's totally flawfree lor.

And because I've been using it for so many donkey years it comes naturally to me and now they're giving me this bullshit by asking me to come up with an entirely new password that I may or may not forget in the coming weeks :( ~*whiny fuck and not grateful that it is all for my own good*~

Anyway I've been pretty in the zone doing up some of the stuff for our final marketing project already. I also pitched my idea for my final Radio assignment and Mr Yoka seems pretty pleased so I'm quite excited to do it with Syamimi! (If she agrees on going with mine la)

The next 2 weeks are gonna be so busy, I don't think I'll even be enjoying my birthday weekend. Le sigh. But it's okay because I don't have a life anywayzzz

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