I can't sleep so here's one for you

Sometimes I think I'm really attractive and sometimes I think I'm really attractive. Anyhoo, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

I hope life is smooth-sailing for you this year LOLJK I HOPE IT CRASHES AND BURNS LOLJK AGAIN love you

Anyway I held out on buying this album that just came out 2 weeks ago and CDJapan decided to open up their new year sales for the next 3 days and lucky me, that said album is suddenly on 20% discount! Finally some good news on New Year's Eve.

I also baked a cheesecake for the steamboat potluck later on today so I'm excited to redeem myself after the cupcake disaster.

Among other realisations in 2012 I've also discovered that I think I have caffeine dependency. Okay maybe I do have caffeine dependency.

Like I don't drink coffee everyday but just 2 days ago, after spending 2 days prior completely comprising me rolling around in my bed, I drank a cup of coffee which almost immediately brought me into THE ZONE. You know what I'm saying?

I was so IN THE ZONE that I finished phonetics revision within a few hours that night, and almost immediately after that managed to fart out 4 blog posts for my J-Pop blog when I've been dreading to do for the past few days.

Walao, I am hopeless man. I don't even drink coffee that often. The last one I drank was 1 week ago.

My body is weird. My mind is weird. I think I'm weird.


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