Neh neh pok

I have to go to Orchard to film for my IS documentary later in the afternoon and I am feeling like SHIIIIIIT

I still feel so uncertain even though the semester is coming to an end. And filming the IS documentary is such a pain in the ass because there is a chance that we may not get any street interviews tomorrow and there is a lot of shit left to be done so it's kinda scary when you think about it.

And because I feel so gong about everything here is a self-note of the assignments that are left for the semester
01. IS Documentary
02. Radio Capsule
03. Marketing 10% Quiz
04. Marketing 45% Presentation
05. SOCPSY Common Test
06. SOCPSY Notebook Shit
07. More unknown SOCPSY Assignments and shit
08. GRACOMM Final Assignment
09. SPECOM Radio Tour
10. SPECOM Final Speech
~*Holy shitballs that's 10 assignments in less than 4 weeks*~ 

Which is why I don't understand why everyone is like "There's only 4 weeks!!" like kanasai lor you see this workload we should all be going apeshit lor.

Plus this week is like my birthday week so someone's going to turn 18 being depressed about schoolwork :(

But it's okay because although 2013 is coming onto a rough start I've discovered a few enlightenments over the past 2 weeks so I feel better to a certain extent.

Plus I know 2013 is going to be a great year for me because I have a few personal projects I'm gonna do for mahhhselfff (i.e. get a life)

Anyway I dropped by Sibyl's place today because I was studying at Novena w/ Angus, Charmaine and Nicolene so since I was nearby might as well.

And lucky me because they are in the process of moving houses so they're throwing away a bunch of shit, until I saw this painting that belonged to her sister and it's damn cute!

Like it's a painting of some cat and yea I feel so heterosexual exclaiming my love for it but yea

Then I found out that the outline was done by this somewhat famous guy called Eeshaun (you can google him if you want to) and Sibyl's sis painted everything else. She told me I could keep it!

I didn't bring it home la of course cuz it's so big but I'm gonna do so during Chinese New Year so I'm eggcited. Also because I'm planning to take down these 2 ayumi hamasaki posters with her face obnoxiously close up right in front of my bed so that painting will make a perfect substitute.

Anyway I better go to sleep now I pray for good weather tomorrow and for everyone to be in a good mood tomorrow so that they would want to take part in my iPhone-filmed documentary

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