~The Wonders that Braces can do~

This is my super overdue post (by like 1 year, not that long la hor) to end my journey of having braces. As you may or may not know I got them removed in February last year and it is definitely one of the two greatest milestones in my life, the other being me having friends.

Since this entire post is going to be all about my teeth maybe I'll talk about why I decided to have braces. The truth is, my teeth never really bothered me until I was around secondary 2 when I had the shocking realisation that... "fuck, I look even more hideous with shitty teeth".

But the true trigger to this decision was when I saw someone, I don't remember who, eating a sandwich. I've always struggled with eating a sandwich. I'd have to pull and tug the entire sandwich away from me when I bite down because my teeth won't cut it completely and this usually results in a mess. I know, life's little surprises can change lives. Back to the story -- then I saw the person take 1 bite of the sandwhich, and the resultant shape was PERFECT.

Like that.



So here is my painful recount of the day when I had to remove my braces.

My vanity for putting on ceramic braces have finally paid its price because unlike metal brackets which can flex and are therefore easier to remove, my ceramic brackets are more rigid and have to be SHATTERED into pieces to be removed, and since it can't flex the orthodontist will have to exert a lot of pressure on the tooth.

In short, it hurts like a bitch.

I think it'll be a hilarious sight though to see the fragments flying everywhere as the orthodontist slowly kiaps the brackets one by one.

Fortunately the extreme pain lasted only for a short while so it's okay. But despite the torment at the end, getting ceramic brackets are totally worth it. My supervisor didn't even know I had braces on even after working with him for 1 month yo baby waddup.

When my braces were removed all of the glue that glued the brackets together weren't completely removed so my teeth kind of had a sandy texture? But honestly, I couldn't be bothered because for once, my tongue was able to glide across my upper row of teeth without obstruction. One of the greater things in life.

So the moment I reached home, the first thing I did was to go brush my teeth.


You think an orgasm is the best feeling in the world? Wait till you feel your toothbrush effortlessly glide across your straight row of teeth smoothly, with no obstructions, for the first time in your entire fucking life. I've never enjoyed brushing my teeth this much EVER. I used to think brushing my teeth was a chore! Not anymore!

Also, I now have to put on my invisalign-like retainers (I also have a very boring-looking blue retainer box. Just saying)

Which are a real pain in the ass. For the first few weeks the retainers were KILLING me and my colleagues had to watch me put them back on in agony after every meal because it was really numbingly painful. Like the kind of pain you'd expect when someone is trying to extract all of your teeth at once.

Fortunately now I don't feel that kind of pain anymore, and by right I'm supposed to wear the retainers full-time (only taking out during meals and brushing teeth) for 6 months but I totally fucked that and only wore them to sleep because the pain in the ass, while not literal anymore, was still there.

The main reason is because it STINKS. I don't even think I have poor oral hygiene! But it just somehow stinks when I try to put them back after a meal, and it's just gross in that way la. Plus sometimes when you leave it out for too long and put it back in you can actually taste something. I think I've said too much...

My orthodontist claims that I only need to brush it with water but I feel like it's not enough leh! In fact it's getting kind of unsightly. I don't wish to go into detail or else you'll start thinking I have really poor oral hygiene... which I do NOT have! *ahem*

I'm not supposed to brush with toothpaste either because the micro minerals thing will scratch them. I can't soak them in mouthwash either because the colour will stain them. So now all I'm doing is soak them in water while I'm not using them, just like dentures. So ma fan leh. Can prepare me for fatherhood already.

I guess I'll have to live with it anyway. I have to put it on for the rest of my life now! This was one of the deterring factors for me to not get braces at first, but now when you're used to the routine it doesn't really matter so don't let it affect your decision!

Anyway just for keepsake and to haolian to everyone about my miraculous journey, I have compiled an amazingly disgusting video from all the past pictures taken from my monthly "teeth update" posts to show the transition from horrendously ugly teeth to straight teeth! (Get your buckets ready)

Puked from the grossness already?

But in all honesty getting braces was probably one of the best decisions in my life. My teeth was really fucking ugly and disgusting leh.

And now, most importantly, I can enjoy a sandwich just like everyone else.

Although for some reason now when I smile I can see a bit of my lower row as well. So cannot smile like a siao gin na lor.

My orthodontist actually suggested filing my teeth but I like it the way they are now and filing is irreversible so I didn't want to take chances. I like my teeth big. You know what else I like big? The portions of my food.

I hope by showing everybody by journey it will encourage you to go for braces!!! Yea, like I'm so influential like that. Go.

Ancient pic taken when I just removed them. Damn I must be a model

What am I doing with my life

While everyone is living it up by having fun outside, or doing productive things like going for internships, I'm having a really exciting time here sitting on my ass. Of course I'm already used to this lifestyle but I've come to realise that this is actually making my life really sad.

ANYWAY I took down both of my A BEST 2 posters yesterday after 5 years of being on there because I'm starting to think it's the reason behind my lack of friends and also it's starting to creep me out too so off they go!

I wanted to then hang the painting that Sibyl and her sis gave me in place of that until I realised that I've been hiding a gaping hole in my wall behind one of the posters which I totally forgot about. SIGH

Also took down the calendar from the back of my door since it's the new year already and they stopped producing calendars so I'll have to put something up in place there too. My internship this semester break is to hang pikchers.

I'll probably just spend this semester practicing the piano / ukelele and catching up on my reading which I haven't been doing either of for months now and pray that something exciting happens to my life for the next 2 months!

Meanwhile if any of my friends are reading this please ask me out :'(

"Travis why are you being such a birthday bitch?"

I used to think I was very lucky to be born in January because it's usually the month where school would have just started which equals to minimal workload which equals to MOAR TIME FOR ME ME MEM EMEM ME

Unfortunately all good things come to an end just like my social life because January is probably the busiest period for us poly kids.

Which leads me to my next point which is: I think I am a very caring and considerate friend! Because I told everyone that I understand how busy they must be with their schoolwork so it's okay to not celebrate my birthday or anything this year. After all it's not like I throw big parties or organise huge mass orgies for special occasions.

(And by the way I am not being condescending ah! The people around me have brought to my attention that I am very guai lan and I still fail to see why)

So anyway on the 17th, Edrie asked me if he and Shiela can come over to my house on the night of the 18th so they can celebrate my birthday, but I replied with a "I dunno leh. I have a feeling my poly friends are planning something but I really dunno."

I'm not being demanding cuz we've kinda been doing that for everyone else's birthday the past year. They even created a WhatsApp group to discuss (as with everyone's in the past la) so I thought there'd be something! They kept telling me "actually we don't even talk there" "until now we haven't even plan anything" but I always thought they were just lying to me and shit.

Alas, I didn't want to take a chance, so I turned to Nicolene who was seated beside me and broke the question: "Are you all doing anything on Friday midnight?" and then she just replied with a "LOL NO" SADNASFKNDSMF

But my body was half-ready for that response so I didn't collapse right away so I just replied Edrie "Ok they just told me they not doing anything so you all can come!!". To which he decided to reply that I am a "Hahaha loner"


On the 18th I had lunch at Strictly Pancakes with Angus, Charmaine, Jeremy and Nicolene to celebrate my birthday in advance. Actually they just wanted to have lunch la but since my birthday was the next day, you know, it's so convenient to label it that way HAHAHA

Before that Nicolene decided to buy me a ~*birthday durian crepe*~ for $3.90 which is reportedly the most she's ever spent individually for someone's birthday so thank you Nicolene you're such a nice friend

But eh it's DAMN GOOD! It was my first time there and I had a horrific experience from going to Nooks once so I didn't think any place else could top McDonald's hotcakes. As you can see I need to get out more, but holy shitballs their food is good even though I couldn't finish it lol

And I was SO SAD because everyone at that table was IGNORING ME but I can't blame them cuz they were discussing about their assignment and shit lol

The best part was when I had to leave to go to school for my Japanese writing test and when I reached a traffic light it started to suddenly RAIN REALLY HEAVILY and the pedestrian traffic light had only just turned red so I had to run all the way to the MRT station!! Which was just across the road la, but embarrassment is embarrassment regardless of shape and size ok

When I reached school Milo passed me this painting that I actually thought he and Lynette painted but turns out is they go to those vendors outside to paint HAHAHA

I'm just extremely puzzled WHY they decided to use green paint for my face I know my nose is as big as the hulk's body la but still

Then when I was having my Japanese class I realised the earbud for one of the sides of my earpiece fell out! I was damn depressed and I was like "WORST BIRTHDAY EVE EVER" and because of the delusional being that I always am, I retraced my steps after class and I found it on the floor at the FMS courtyard

~*Best birthday eve ever*~
(ended up losing the whole damn thing so I just bought a new pair yesterday)

Then later that night Edrie and Shiela came over to my place and we had sex.

Before they came I was craving for chwee kueh so I kept whatsapp-ing them to buy for me chwee kueh from Koufu (because they live so near it) and also because I knew they confirm didn't buy me shit for my birthday so this was the least they could do! They couldn't be bothered and came empty-handed.

THEN some time after they came they couldn't hold it in anymore and told me that they bought me something. I WAS SO HAPPY I was like YES I KNEW THEY BOUGHT ME CHWEE KUEH!!!!

And then Shiela took this out.

I dunno which is worse - that it's not chwee kueh or that they specially cut out 2 obituaries to stick onto the front dunno for what reason *ahem*

And at first they told me to guess what was inside so I was like "pillow la!" then they were like "AIYA SHIT HOW HE KNOW"

As the truth would unravel itself,

What the bloody fuck.

And then I just got fed up so I ripped everything apart

After sweating like a bitch just trying to unwrap everything, they got me lubricant, a pair of boxers (that says "OPEN ALL NIGHT" behind), and 3 cards, all of which have nothing on them that is not sexual in any sense. Sometimes I think I should migrate to a far away land and start anew with new friends.

By the way yes we played with the lubricant and that shit SMELLS GOOD! Not only does it smell good, it TASTES good! Only for the first few licks though. After that it gets too overpowering. Sigh why am I even telling you all this

So after that because I was STARVING and because I was 18 so I could do whatever the fuck I wanted I forced the two of them at gunpoint to bring me to buy chwee kueh. As luck would have it, the stall ran out. So we settled for McDonald's.

THEN all this while Nicolene was WhatsApping me asking me where I am because "she's at Boon Lay MRT". I knew obviously they would be too darn lazy to come all the way to the west so I said "lol try harder next time bitch I'm at McDonald's"

Then she kept saying shit like "YES WE'RE HERE OK I ASK UR SISTER OPEN THE DOOR AH?"  and bla bla bla and I told her to give evidence that she's at Jurong Point so she sent a google-d picture of Jurong Point taken in broad daylight and said "dunno why the sky so bright here"

She also sent a picture of herself taken in her own house, saying that she took it in my house.

The final messages were her saying "k I sleep while waiting for you k" and "I borrow your pants wear ah" (I knew she wasn't there so I just said ok)

So obviously I couldn't give two shits and continued eating twister fries and later on a vanilla cone (stop judging me it's my birthday) and then we had sex at some void deck nearby. Just as we were about to leave, it started to RAIN HEAVILY! And there's no sheltered route home! Sian ji pua! Ended up having to run to flag a taxi home and even then the short distance costed me $5 because of the midnight charge :(

When I opened my door the first thing I saw was a pair of Doc Marts boots like Charmaine's and I was like holy shit they're really here.




Sigh, my friends are also scheming bitches. And Nicolene did indeed take one of my boxers to wear.

But they bought me pandan cake as my birthday cake so it's all good :D I feel so looOOooOOooved at times like this

Among other things are leftover instant food from their houses. Thoughtful.

And stickers of ME! ~*Narcissistic*~ Hahah the one on the left is made by Nicolene and the other is mine that I asked her to print when she goes there cuz I lazy lulzxszxszxz

bitches broke into my house and hacked my macbook

So we all just hung around and ended up watching The Shining before going to bed.

Not only did Nicolene sleep like a pig she also farted like a pig ALL OVER MY SHEETS

Then although I'd like to sleep in on my birthday nooOOooOOoo I had to go for birthday lunch with Christel, Casey, Desmond, Adeline, Kimberly and Eva!! I was craving for chilli crab pasta so I told them to go to Swensens lulz.

(Eva not there yet)

The gifts they bought for me. So sweet, innocent, pure, etc. etc. I even mistook the condoms as pizza initially. Guys I'm not as twisted as you'd think

And I was already satisfied that it was just going to be a simple birthday lunch just as I intended! I even told them that I don't want them to sing birthday song or even buy me a cake.

And then this happened

They suddenly walked out with a birthday cake and I was like OH SHIT OH SHIT and to salvage the situation I repeatedly demanded "NO BIRTHDAY SONG! NO BIRTHDAY SONG!" AND THEY STILL SANG IT FFFUUUU SO RUDE TO UR ELDERS!! I had to tell everyone around us that it's not my birthday HAHAHAHA but I appreciate their effort love u guyzzsxszxsz

le cake

and a personalised message from each person. Amazing

Then the day ended with dinner with the kampong at Chomp Chomp hehehe I've never felt so looOOoOoOOooved

I'm very bad at thank you messages but BEAR WITH ME OK I love all of you and thank you guys for everything that you all have done not just for this birthday but as a friend to me ♥

Especially to Edrie and Shiela for always coming over to "countdown" with me (actually didn't la but still) as well as Angus, Charmaine, Coco and Kin Leonn for taking the last train all the way from your houses to the west to surprise me I couldn't have asked for more ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ best birthday evaaaaaaa

Going back to the harsh reality, I did not manage to secure an internship :'( I'm gonna be like those fine examples that people like to use and say shit like "Oh look he has a good GPA but can't get internship for shit" aiya fuck u all (need some sadness to balance out the happiness)

~*and there goes Year 1*~

And just like that, I'm going to be a Year 2 Mass Communication student in April. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This is one of the few instances where I don't want to be taken out of the oven cuz I'm not done yet!

It's so funny how we can all change so much within 1 year. Ok la, I don't think I've changed that much other than the fact that I have 5kg worth of eyebags but within a short one year I've gained and maybe lost some friends in the process but at the end of the day I'm just so grateful to be in this school and being around amazing people! Except Nicolene cuz she's a WHORE

I think I will never be the same if I actually went to a JC because firstly by now this blog would be dead, and secondly I would be dead as well, so yay

Too many things happened during this 1 year so I can't possibly say them all but I just wanna thank all the people that have been a part of my life and even though I treat all of you like shit I CHERISH U ALL A LOT OK????

Ok happy chinese new year bye bye

CDs of the month! (#35)

I'm so sorry guys but I am LATE once again lolololol

I don't know how the people from the previous semester handled this but everything is making my schedule so packed! Thankfully there are only 3 modules left to clear which are Radio, Speech Comm and Marketing.

My busy-ness also explains the lack of updates... I've been wanting to blog about what happened on my birthday for shit long already BUT NO TIME SO I'LL GET TO IT WHEN THE SEMESTER BREAK STARTS OKAY? Which is like... THIS FRIDAY so yay!

(2013.01.08) ayumi hamasaki - A Classical

This is the third release as part of Ayu's 5-months-5-releases thing, and is also like her second classical album. Can tell that they budget cut though because they didn't even bother to get a proper orchestra and shit but I think it's quite lepakable. And yea the cover is an actual drawing done by someone uh uh siolxszxz

(CD Packaging | Album Review)

(2012.12.17) Kaela Kimura - Sync (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)

Kaela Kimura's latest shitty album! Okay it's average la but because it wasn't as good as I expected it to be I didn't want to buy it so soon... by so soon I mean on its release date la, but good things come to those who wait after all! CDJapan suddenly announced new year sales from 1s Jan to 3rd Jan and they put that up on 20% discount so of course must buy la! Score!

(CD Packaging | Album Review)

(2013.01.30) Mika Nakashima - REAL (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)
(2012.01.11) Angela Aki - SONGBOOK (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)

Mika Nakashima's latest album and Angela Aki's not-so-latest cover album. I've been wanting to buy the cover album because it's just so damn good but I didn't want to pay the full price for it (hahaha kiam siap) so I was patiently waiting for it to be on discount. First it was on 30% discount, then half a year later 40%, then when I bought it it was on 50% discount! Score again!

So yea anyway I can't wait for the semester to end even though I'm going to be in my second year already... nabei. And I'm 18 years old already... nabei. I can't believe the last time I was attached was to my umbilical cord in my mother's womb!