CDs of the month! (#35)

I'm so sorry guys but I am LATE once again lolololol

I don't know how the people from the previous semester handled this but everything is making my schedule so packed! Thankfully there are only 3 modules left to clear which are Radio, Speech Comm and Marketing.

My busy-ness also explains the lack of updates... I've been wanting to blog about what happened on my birthday for shit long already BUT NO TIME SO I'LL GET TO IT WHEN THE SEMESTER BREAK STARTS OKAY? Which is like... THIS FRIDAY so yay!

(2013.01.08) ayumi hamasaki - A Classical

This is the third release as part of Ayu's 5-months-5-releases thing, and is also like her second classical album. Can tell that they budget cut though because they didn't even bother to get a proper orchestra and shit but I think it's quite lepakable. And yea the cover is an actual drawing done by someone uh uh siolxszxz

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(2012.12.17) Kaela Kimura - Sync (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)

Kaela Kimura's latest shitty album! Okay it's average la but because it wasn't as good as I expected it to be I didn't want to buy it so soon... by so soon I mean on its release date la, but good things come to those who wait after all! CDJapan suddenly announced new year sales from 1s Jan to 3rd Jan and they put that up on 20% discount so of course must buy la! Score!

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(2013.01.30) Mika Nakashima - REAL (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)
(2012.01.11) Angela Aki - SONGBOOK (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)

Mika Nakashima's latest album and Angela Aki's not-so-latest cover album. I've been wanting to buy the cover album because it's just so damn good but I didn't want to pay the full price for it (hahaha kiam siap) so I was patiently waiting for it to be on discount. First it was on 30% discount, then half a year later 40%, then when I bought it it was on 50% discount! Score again!

So yea anyway I can't wait for the semester to end even though I'm going to be in my second year already... nabei. And I'm 18 years old already... nabei. I can't believe the last time I was attached was to my umbilical cord in my mother's womb!

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