~The Wonders that Braces can do~

This is my super overdue post (by like 1 year, not that long la hor) to end my journey of having braces. As you may or may not know I got them removed in February last year and it is definitely one of the two greatest milestones in my life, the other being me having friends.

Since this entire post is going to be all about my teeth maybe I'll talk about why I decided to have braces. The truth is, my teeth never really bothered me until I was around secondary 2 when I had the shocking realisation that... "fuck, I look even more hideous with shitty teeth".

But the true trigger to this decision was when I saw someone, I don't remember who, eating a sandwich. I've always struggled with eating a sandwich. I'd have to pull and tug the entire sandwich away from me when I bite down because my teeth won't cut it completely and this usually results in a mess. I know, life's little surprises can change lives. Back to the story -- then I saw the person take 1 bite of the sandwhich, and the resultant shape was PERFECT.

Like that.



So here is my painful recount of the day when I had to remove my braces.

My vanity for putting on ceramic braces have finally paid its price because unlike metal brackets which can flex and are therefore easier to remove, my ceramic brackets are more rigid and have to be SHATTERED into pieces to be removed, and since it can't flex the orthodontist will have to exert a lot of pressure on the tooth.

In short, it hurts like a bitch.

I think it'll be a hilarious sight though to see the fragments flying everywhere as the orthodontist slowly kiaps the brackets one by one.

Fortunately the extreme pain lasted only for a short while so it's okay. But despite the torment at the end, getting ceramic brackets are totally worth it. My supervisor didn't even know I had braces on even after working with him for 1 month yo baby waddup.

When my braces were removed all of the glue that glued the brackets together weren't completely removed so my teeth kind of had a sandy texture? But honestly, I couldn't be bothered because for once, my tongue was able to glide across my upper row of teeth without obstruction. One of the greater things in life.

So the moment I reached home, the first thing I did was to go brush my teeth.


You think an orgasm is the best feeling in the world? Wait till you feel your toothbrush effortlessly glide across your straight row of teeth smoothly, with no obstructions, for the first time in your entire fucking life. I've never enjoyed brushing my teeth this much EVER. I used to think brushing my teeth was a chore! Not anymore!

Also, I now have to put on my invisalign-like retainers (I also have a very boring-looking blue retainer box. Just saying)

Which are a real pain in the ass. For the first few weeks the retainers were KILLING me and my colleagues had to watch me put them back on in agony after every meal because it was really numbingly painful. Like the kind of pain you'd expect when someone is trying to extract all of your teeth at once.

Fortunately now I don't feel that kind of pain anymore, and by right I'm supposed to wear the retainers full-time (only taking out during meals and brushing teeth) for 6 months but I totally fucked that and only wore them to sleep because the pain in the ass, while not literal anymore, was still there.

The main reason is because it STINKS. I don't even think I have poor oral hygiene! But it just somehow stinks when I try to put them back after a meal, and it's just gross in that way la. Plus sometimes when you leave it out for too long and put it back in you can actually taste something. I think I've said too much...

My orthodontist claims that I only need to brush it with water but I feel like it's not enough leh! In fact it's getting kind of unsightly. I don't wish to go into detail or else you'll start thinking I have really poor oral hygiene... which I do NOT have! *ahem*

I'm not supposed to brush with toothpaste either because the micro minerals thing will scratch them. I can't soak them in mouthwash either because the colour will stain them. So now all I'm doing is soak them in water while I'm not using them, just like dentures. So ma fan leh. Can prepare me for fatherhood already.

I guess I'll have to live with it anyway. I have to put it on for the rest of my life now! This was one of the deterring factors for me to not get braces at first, but now when you're used to the routine it doesn't really matter so don't let it affect your decision!

Anyway just for keepsake and to haolian to everyone about my miraculous journey, I have compiled an amazingly disgusting video from all the past pictures taken from my monthly "teeth update" posts to show the transition from horrendously ugly teeth to straight teeth! (Get your buckets ready)

Puked from the grossness already?

But in all honesty getting braces was probably one of the best decisions in my life. My teeth was really fucking ugly and disgusting leh.

And now, most importantly, I can enjoy a sandwich just like everyone else.

Although for some reason now when I smile I can see a bit of my lower row as well. So cannot smile like a siao gin na lor.

My orthodontist actually suggested filing my teeth but I like it the way they are now and filing is irreversible so I didn't want to take chances. I like my teeth big. You know what else I like big? The portions of my food.

I hope by showing everybody by journey it will encourage you to go for braces!!! Yea, like I'm so influential like that. Go.

Ancient pic taken when I just removed them. Damn I must be a model


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Hi Travis!
    I've been an occasional reader of your blog and I must say keep up the fantastic job! The first blogpost that I have read of yours was about your collection of the o level results, which I happened to chance upon after I had received for my results earlier on this year. My grades were average but my best friends topped the entire cohort. Needless to say, they wanted to enter jc and persuaded me to do so, even if my grades were obviously not on par with theirs. I was in a dilemma, but after reading that entry of yours, I knew that poly was the right choice for me. Right now, I am eagerly awaiting for my enrollment letter to ngee ann to arrive and I hope that my journey with ngee ann would be as enriching as yours. :-)

  2. Hey!! Thanks so much for reading and I'm glad to know that I've influenced you in a way :)

    Just remember to always choose the path that you think will make you happy the most and I wish you all the best when you come to NP! Which course have you enrolled in?

  3. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Business studies:-) I heard that it's quite a jungle out there though, hopefully I'll survive! And thanks for replying :-D

  4. Hahaha I'm sure you'll do fine! If we ever cross paths in school do say hi!!!