What am I doing with my life

While everyone is living it up by having fun outside, or doing productive things like going for internships, I'm having a really exciting time here sitting on my ass. Of course I'm already used to this lifestyle but I've come to realise that this is actually making my life really sad.

ANYWAY I took down both of my A BEST 2 posters yesterday after 5 years of being on there because I'm starting to think it's the reason behind my lack of friends and also it's starting to creep me out too so off they go!

I wanted to then hang the painting that Sibyl and her sis gave me in place of that until I realised that I've been hiding a gaping hole in my wall behind one of the posters which I totally forgot about. SIGH

Also took down the calendar from the back of my door since it's the new year already and they stopped producing calendars so I'll have to put something up in place there too. My internship this semester break is to hang pikchers.

I'll probably just spend this semester practicing the piano / ukelele and catching up on my reading which I haven't been doing either of for months now and pray that something exciting happens to my life for the next 2 months!

Meanwhile if any of my friends are reading this please ask me out :'(

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