Boom boom boom boom I want you in my room

So sorry for the lack of updates. As a form of compensation I shall share with y'all with my latest jam

♫ Of all the juices I've ever swallowed, you're the purest, the purest of the bunch! ♫

No sexual innuendos intended at all! It's so terrible yet it's stuck in my head

Nonetheless I've been REALLY busy with the planning and organising for the upcoming freshman bonding camp. This past week I've been in school from Monday - Thursday! I'm so dedicated that it's shocking even to myself. Vanessa and I are crazy. But Vanessa is crazier because my work ethic will never be as hiong as hers hahaha.

Anyway my tribe's progress is going extremely well so I'm very thankful for having this bunch of SLs! I'm not going to reveal much in case any freshies happen to chance upon this blog (yea right) but if any of you read this CAMP IS GONNA BE AWESOME especially if you're gonna be in my tribe because I am biased like that.

Speaking of progresses I'm also learning my ukulele at very good progress as well. I can play my first song now! Which is Lana Del Rey's Ride because that song only has like, 5 chords. But it's still good progress k! I'm still having trouble changing chords quickly yet making them sound clear and sharp because I keep forgetting that I actually have to press down REALLY hard and doing so HURTS LIKE A BITCH LA wa biang woi

Other than that nothing's really been happening in my life other than camp camp camp camp camp. Maybe I'll update some time again this week so yea bye!

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