CDs of the month! (#36)

HELLO EVERYBODY HEHEHEHEHEHE I wanted to post this up yesterday but my Internet decided to die on me so too bad. Has anyone else's stupid Singtel connection gotten shittier after they did some update?

(2013.02.08) ayumi hamasaki - LOVE again (CD+Blu-ray | Limited Edition)

The limited edition of Ayu's latest album. It's also my first ever blu-ray whut whuuuuuut even though I haven't watched it on my blu-ray player yet. The covers are so much better than her last one but I can't say the same for the album tracks though :(

Plus she's so lazy because her past 2 mini albums were titled "LOVE" and "again" so she decided to conveniently name the album LOVE again! And she included all the original songs on both mini-albums in this album as well oh wow lazy bitch

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(2013.02.20) MISIA - Super Best Records -15th Celebration- (3CD+DVD | Limited Edition)

MISIA's 15th anniversary best album. I sure like them old bitches. The packaging is really sexy though and this is like her first #1 album in like 7 years

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(2013.02.27) Koda Kumi - Color the Cover (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)

Kuu's latest cover album that comes in a book-like packaging. And this cover album is like awesooooooome and I think it's much better than her first

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(2013.03.06) Namie Amuro - Big Boys Cry / Beautiful

This bitch DOES NOT look 36 and can still release pussy popping hits after 20 years. I want to see Namie twerk the shit out of this song when she performs in Singapore next month (GUESS WHO GOT 4TH ROW TICKETS?)

The best part is that she's actually smiling in the music video. Faking a smile and SELLING IT!

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