Day 10 Post-Op

...what a letdown.

I was expecting myself to be in full-on pain like a gym ball is coming out of my mouth and that I'll squirming on the bed, gasping for air in-between yelps of pain, suffering a slow, painful, death...

but actually maybe I really do have a high tolerance for pain. It still hurts a little bit but it feels very... like that lor. The pain is so minute that it's starting to become annoying! Like wtf GO HARD OR GO HOME!

I can even eat a whole bucket of KFC chicken now if I want to but at this point it's hard to believe that I might still have severe bleeding. ~*Life's mysteries*~

I've been practicing with my ukulele lately and wowowow I'm a musical prodigy! Loljk but I lavvit. I still strum very inconsistently (like really) mainly because I'm only using my fingers and shit hurts like a bitch (lol and I was just talking about how I can tahan pain) so I finally went to buy picks from eBay yesterday lmao.

Let's not even get started on playing the chords. How can people actually hold down the strings so hard for extended periods of time?! I can't even hold a chord involving 2 or more fingers for more than 5 seconds :'(

I'm even interested in learning the guitar now but Kin Leonn told me anything above $200 is fine and I'm like lol k bye ain't nobody got cash for that. There are secondhand ones online for less than $100 but they're like weird brands that probably aren't worth taking a risk. I think I'm really going to start selling my backside soon.

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