If you've ever missed how I look with my short hair or wondered how I'd even look like with short hair, check this shizz out

Apparently people say I look good if I have short hair in this style (there's a ponytail tied at the back so I'm serving some yakuza realness) but I have to use like fucking styling lotion then hair gel then more hair wax like I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THAT (plus it involves a comb hello???)

The reason why I'm sporting this shittastic back comb is because that's gonna be my look for the upcoming freshman bonding camp HO HO HO SO EXCITING and I won't reveal my full outfit yet but let's just say it's a whooooole lotta nipples. A whoooooole lotta nipples.

Trial camp was also just over which amazed me once again at how terrible my stamina is again. My group was literally going like WE GONNA WIN THIS SHIT but after 10 seconds we just fucked everything. Didn't help matters that we were all wet and dirty and Cheryl Fox decided to conveniently show up at the FMS courtyard oh god

I was helping Mr William out when we were folding the welcome letters and putting them into envelopes for the upcoming freshies. Of course being the kaypoh that I am I saw all the addresses and there's a lot of people who live in Pasir Ris, Simei, and everywhere else in the east. Wtf!

And apparently two freshmen literally live in the blocks right next to mine. One on each side. Creepehhhh

As you can see my life is SERIOUSLY REVOLVING AROUND CAMP but NOOOOOOO. Cherish the picture above while you can, my friends, for something will never be the same again - the wall behind.

I am currently halfway through painting my entire wall after 5 years because I made a really stupid decision to draw pencil marks to estimate where my posters used to be and now that I've taken a few down I also had to face the shocking revelation of a once-long-forgotten HOLE in my wall.

So now the hole is all patched up and initially I wanted to repaint it the exact same colour because all I wanted was to cover up the pencil marks and the hole which were not obstructed by any posters or what. Also because I'm damn lazy to take down the rest of the posters on my wall. I even took the trouble to find the bloody nippon paint colour catalogue and found the exact colour!!!

But NOOOOO the colour somehow just wasn't the same so I was just like aiya fuck everything and decided to get an entirely new colour. My new wall colour is called ~*Knockout Red*~ which is simply a rather dark red so I love it. I don't even know why my wall was pink in the first place.

So yep I hope you guys aren't bored by my life yet. I'll buy for you all Kit Kat.

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