Gawn 4 a wik

What's that sound
I like that sound
I love that sound
It's the sound of me wanking FBC!!!!

FBC is already on Wednesday bitches. It's a bit hard to believe that it's been 1 and a half months since we were only in the initial stages of planning the camp. After this week all the tribe meetings and all the camp preparations will be reduced to a mere memory.

I can already see myself suffering from major withdrawal symptoms already, and it's not even Day 0 yet. I need to get my shit together. When school starts I'll be whimpering in a corner reciting the tribe cheers ok just kidding that's just creepy and disturbing

I'll definitely miss interacting with the La Caille SLs though. They've been an awesome bunch so it's sad that when school starts I won't even be seeing like 3 quarters of them around school often.

Anyway I'll be gone for the whole of this week because of camp but I'll blog about it when I'm back I guess. I'm so excited to see the freshies! Brings back ~*memolies*~ from FBC 2012.

I also recently signed up for the Japanese JLPT N5 test. I know it's really too early for me to be tackling this, but I guess I really want to have a try to see firsthand how well-versed I am in Japanese and it's been a long time since I've experienced rock-bottom failure so this would be the perfect time to experience it again.

Speaking of Japanese, I recently bought Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore as well. And another book I can't remember. What to do, gotta get rid of them Popular vouchers from last year's speech day.

I can't stop reading it. I'm already 2/3 into the book and hope to finish it by today. I don't think I've ever been this engrossed into a book since the Harry Potter series, but that's only because I've been reading a lot of nonsensical books for the past 2 years that I think might've led to the slight retardation in me now.

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