I remember for our Graphic Communication final project last year we had to come up with some fake company name so my group was like stressing over a name that would seem appropriate for an advertising company designing posters and bus advertisements for a fruit bar. We even came up with names like "BEE" and "HUNGZ" (don't judge hor)

But then eventually we settled for something short, simple, and in your face.


And that was what we settled on in the end. Nicolene completed the design in like 5 seconds or something and at the end of it all she even made it into a designer temporary tattoo!!!

She actually submitted the design to this designer temporary tattoo site called Gumtoo which is based in Singapore. If you've auditioned for Radio Heatwave recently you should've seen some lying around the studio and on our arms haha!

I never actually thought people would get designer temporary tattoos and honestly I've been contemplating getting a tattoo myself. Just a small one though, but I still feel like 20 years down the road I'll remove it anyway. Then pain. Then waste money. So a temporary one is perrrrfeeeeecccttt!

Here's a particularly glamorous photo of me

It's 5 bucks for 2 tattoos which they claim gives you 1 for yourself and 1 for your friend, but since I have no friends I can have both for myself!!! Hahahahaha but yea in light of everyone telling me how my hair is getting more and more unpleasant as the weeks go by I decided to get this one as well

The story of my life summed into one tattoo. Haters gon hate yo

The funny thing is how most people who saw the bad hair day tattoo actually thought it was a real tattoo. Either that or I painstakingly used a black pen to draw it on. It actually does look real though, not gonna lie! When you touch it it doesn't feel different from your skin either.

It also lasts quite long though! This is my fourth day with the tattoos on and they still look pretty good. I lavvit. I honestly think designer temp tats might potentially be the next big thing (if it isn't already) cuz I really think it's cool leh!!

Plus you get to do it yourself unlike real tattoos hahahaha so if you're interested in getting some from their website ( they will mail them out for free! 

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