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*DISCLAIMER: Sorry it took me this long but this post is all about food so you're welcome

Apart from making a stone pavement for them, to officially tell people that we were there, we decided to present this plague to the people at the GEC! They have a wall with all the plagues hanging there and they are all gold in colour so ours will definitely stand out wahahaha

I decided that I'm going to dedicate the whole of this post to the food that we ate there because they deserve the credit for giving us all that energy to do work. That's right. Not halal-certified though.

The very first meal we had at the GEC was not a very pleasant one. It was our breakfast, which first of all was at 8:30AM so it already got off a bad start and it was plain porridge. As consolation they also provided salt or sugar which you can add to your porridge so... that's weird. I couldn't even handle more than one sip of it. I tried adding sugar to it but it made it taste like tao suan but not really lol

Soooo the very next day we learnt our lesson and Ms Mel snuck some soya sauce into my backpack when we went for breakfast haha!! Turns out we had very delicious noodles instead. It's just plain noodles with plain water but we could add minced pork with salted vegetables to it and it tasted AMAZING together. So for the next two weeks our breakfast was either the porridge or awesome noodles.

The awesome noodles

Transitional picture because

Then for our lunches and dinners they were basically like normal household dishes. While the staple meat is usually chicken or fish, apparently in China it's just pork, pork, and MORE pork. Now talk about a cuisine I could get used to!

Fucking amazing PORK

I swear the seasoning they use there is unlike any other seasoning I've ever tasted in my life. The fact that it's spicy already makes it a winner, but there's something that's just so flavourful about it that I can't put a finger on. Maybe that's what melamine tastes like.

Anyway for the very first lunch, when we were served this, it was the only dish on the whole table that we managed to finish, so they took that as a sign that we loved it and decided to cook it for every single lunch and dinner we had there. Which was like 10/14 days we were there. THANK THE LORD! I should be glad that I only gained 2kg at the end of the trip man.

There was also one time where they cooked potato pancakes which were damn amazing. There was never a second time though :( Other dishes include MORE PORK and... chicken backside.

The funny part is how everyone thought the chicken backsides were fish (even after tasting it) but I still remained skeptical since 1. fish bones don't look like that (look at the bowl) 2. I just knew it was chicken backside!! I KNEW IT

Check out the meat-to-fat ratio man hey that's how you get the body of a GOD (ie. Buddha)

More chicken backsides (can you imagine the number dead chicken asses in one plate and wonder how are they not extinct yet). I also liked their stir-fried cabbage and tomato thingamajig at the bottom left. They also had fried eggplants which were damn good. Wa saying all this makes me want to fly back now but then again no

On one random day the lecturers decided to SURPRISE us by cooking FRIED RICE! Oh my god SLAP MY ASS AND CALL ME SALLY

Even comes in spicy and non-spicy variations. We didn't manage to leave some for the farmers though so I felt quite guilty about it. I even remember that morning I saw Ms Mel run across the courtyard out of the GEC which made me suspect that maybe someone got into an accident or what then turns out liddis chey HAHAHAHA

Another surprise was during one of the sian porridge breakfast days when Mr Yeo also surprised us with BAK KWA that he secretly hid inside his luggage! Sneaky old man! I like!

And on the very very very last day that we were at the GEC we were treated to some kind of ~*emperor's feast*~ somewhere which was amaziiiing

Then again any meal with pork is amazing

But speaking of Mr Yeo being sneaky and shit it was also his birthday that day so we decided to be sneaky and shit too by getting a cake for him!

Ok I lied I didn't know about the cake until that day itself so I'm not sneaky at all sigh

And this was how it went down:

Mr Yeo and our birthday card to him lovingly made with recycled materials (or so we think)

Somehow as the night went on I ended up having a diva stare-down with Aravin (I'd like to repeat that I am not a diva) which I lost because I just couldn't deal HAHAHA

Now that we're also touching on ~memorable GEC events~ I forgot to mention that there was one night when it was my "group"'s night duty to clear the rubbish and stuff. That includes clearing the bins that hold all of our tissue papers stained with our poop so that already sounds shittastic (pun not intended AT ALL) especially when you're dealing with Charmaine and Nicolene.

THEN I distinctly remember at one of the toilets Nicolene had to clear the bin there and in the process ONE OF THE TISSUES DROPPED and she started SCREAMING AND WAILING LIKE SHE WAS GONNA CRY IT WAS THE BEST MOMENT EVER HAHHAHAHAHA

I just crouched down and laughed my ass off cuz I couldn't deal with the hilarity. Then she slowly bent down to pick up the tissue and the moment she lightly *touched* the tissue SHE WAILED AGAIN LOL!!!!! Sigh you are such a mess Nicolene

Meanwhile I shall end off this post with a video of me on the last day trying to communicate with my own kind.

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