I lost my wallet... but WAIT!

So sometimes I refuse to believe that I'm getting senile, like how sometimes I refuse to believe that I'm ugly.

I remember Kim Anne would always tell me how done she was with me because I'd always leave my wallet everywhere. There was even once during FBC where I literally left my wallet unattended on some random bench in front of all the freshies and she just couldn't deal.

Well, it's time I finally admit to having this problem... because I LOST MY WALLET!!! Which marks the first time I've lost my wallet since Primary... 5? 6? Around there. That's 6 years of brain deterioration that has culminated into this.

Plus, I lost it at Republic Poly. I DON'T EVEN GO THERE!

I went there last Friday to support Amalina (from JWSS) for the Momentum Dance Festival and the wallet-losing was just one part of the series of unfortunate events.

We bought tickets from Amalina herself and she handed it to us around 1 hour before the show started so we just sat on this bench, which was later joined by this girl busy using her MacBook.

Then we stood up and went into the theatre. They tore our ticket stubs and we went to our seats. Only then did I realise my wallet was gone!

The funny thing was how I didn't even panic. I literally exhibited this bochup attitude which came out of nowhere and Edrie was beside me behaving like how a normal person would, ie. panicking like shit. Not even his wallet leh.

So I slowly strolled out of the theatre and looked at the bench from afar -- girl was gone, bench is empty. Meh, went back in. Then Edrie SCOLDED ME AGAIN when I said I didn't walk up close to the bench to inspect further. He was actually angry at me eh walao!!!!

Then I got a phone call from an unknown number! Which made me remember that inside my wallet was my ez-link card -- which had my contact details on it! Thank oh motherly lord of Krishna!!

So the girl was also inside the theatre (at the other end) so I went there to take it from her. I said "Thank you so much!" but she just gave me a black face, and I think it's because I did not mention here that on that very same piece of paper with my contact details, I also wrote "I'll give you a blowjob in return!". This is why I'm still single, everybody.

But after that she texted me!!! "Careful w your wallet next time yeah. (:"

I was honestly touched by her integrity even though there was only $10 inside but she could have still taken it! Plus, my wallet had all sorts of nonsense inside like the loyalty card for the pizza store in Makan Place. They sell really awesome froyo, not gonna lie.

But yea hehehehe and she was quite pretty also. (but I did my research online and found that she already has a boyfriend. Not that I intended on hitting on her ok.) I also posted on RP Confessions to thank her once more because I am really damn grateful, and finally my efforts in pasting my contact details on my ezlink card has come to good use!

That wasn't the end of it though. After that, 2 people came up to Edrie and I, asking to check our tickets. Turns out, we had the same seat numbers!

The worst part was that Edrie and I were the ones with the wrong tickets. 


SO EMBARRASSING! But Amalina clearly ordered Friday tickets for us!!!

So we did the walk of shame out of the place, but while doing so also overheard some people who faced the same predicament so at least we weren't alone.

We went to the ticketing counter to tell them about it and after much waiting and stress on the staff there, Edrie and I magically ended up getting media passes - what are the chances?!

We even got better seats because of that too. Life's surprises. The media passes indicated that they were for The New Paper though, so I wonder what that's all about.

Meanwhile I need to go and shit but that was all there is to that night. Quite exciting hor. The performances were cool too! I can dance also. Like this makcik over here.

Hip Hop & Happenings

Oh god I've been so shit busy lately so many things happened and I don't even know where to begin!!! But I'll try to cover as much shit as I can.

This year is Ngee Ann's 50th birthday so there were like celebrations all over the past few weeks. NP is 50 years old and is hotter than me. You know why? BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING CROWDED!

I don't even know WHERE TO BEGIN because I don't even recall NP being this crowded last year (then again that's because I was part of the crowd) but yea. I've had it. OFFICIALLY!

Let's not even get started on how my timetable this semester is shitty because all my lunch breaks are situated somewhere between 11AM - 1PM.

Honestly NP should've scrapped some of the NP50 money to build a new food court. Or at least I hope they build a second floor to Makan Place after the construction and all that is done because I can't deal with this no mo. Mo people mo problems.

To add insult to injury I've had the misfortune of being in the same class as Nicolene for the third semester in a row.

Fuck my life.

NP also had a retro dress day and we just couldn't resist doing this

It looks so bad, I love it.

The best part is how it's supposed to look like this pic from That 70s Show:

Looks exactly the same!!!!!!! (and you may not be able to tell but Jeremy was photoshopped into the picture because he was the photographer HAHAHAHAHA)

The same night we also went for the NP50 charity concert which costs $20. Obviously I did not pay for that shit. I got tickets for free in exchange of sexual favours (this is false because nobody wants to do it with me) and I also brought Edrie along since he knew the choreographer! It was quite impressive and it actually wasn't boring! LOL

Apparently NP also does this Heritage Walk which happens either once every 10 years or once every 25 years (based on differing sources) so my school sent an email to me saying that I got selected. It's just about as exciting as it sounds. Exactly.

At first I didn't reply the e-mail because I thought it was just some other random event but because I didn't Mr Tan Heng Han CALLED ME when I was at piano club (which is funnier? You tell me) demanding me to like reply the email so ok lor.

I woke up shit early and reached school at 8:45AM wearing the ubiquitous NP50 shirt beyond my will. Dan used to say that for every NP50 shirt I see I'd have to shout "VAGINA" but guess who became a vagina for a day after all?

We got a goodie bag with a water bottle, an NP50 cap, an umbrella and a chocolate bun... all for... you guessed it... FREE!!! WOAHWOAWHOAHWHO

The weather was amazing as well. It wasn't sunny, it was really cooling, loved it. Until it started to fucking RAIN! 

As if that wasn't bad enough, the rain also made me discover that the free umbrella was too damn small!  That brings back horrid secondary school memories where I used a tiny umbrella and would always end up getting drenched from head to toe either way!! Urgh ~*my dark past*~

The path was so narrow, my feet were soaked and I was carrying my laptop at the same time! That was a walk I did not enjoy. I know it's all historic and shit but I was not there for the rain. Apparently the route walked by FMS was the only route that got affected by the rain too, so I guess I'll have to get a religion soon.

That night was a good night though because we had the NP50 celebration concert to end things with a bag! My shoes also dried by then so that's a plus.

This looks like those propaganda-esque pamphlet photos they mail out to parents all the time. Love it. And gurl my weave on point.

The NP50 shirt reminds me that after that night somebody posted on my ask.fm account complimenting on my "fashion sense". I don't know who is this bloody monkey but if this is because I wore the NP50 shirt ONCE AGAIN I HAD TO WEAR IT FOR THE HERITAGE WALK! #RUDE!!! NOT FUNNY HOR!

When will your school tbh? NP is seriously going all out man. How often do you turn 50 years old right.

That night was also the Dance 4 Fun competition where FMS won second place!!! I'm so damn proud, especially when we didn't even win anything last year.

I wanted to audition for this year's but decided that I'd probably be too busy + the dance training is sibei hardcore. Some more last year join already so I'd rather have other better dancers go for it lor. Just look at them slay them bitches hard:

HMS won the first place where Lana was dancing in and gurl she was serving me cornrow hair realness. Apparently they said the margin between the first and second place was only like 0.05 points or something so meh. A few days after that I read on NP Confessions where someone wrote "HMS and DE deserved getting the top 3!" Keep the shade coming, hun, keep 'em coming.

In other NP50-less related news... check out da new FMS Agents student management team y'allzzzzzz


So yea I'm part of the FMSA SMTs!!! I'm honestly DAMN happy with what I got (Admin and Finance) because I really think I can do all that nitty gritty work aka saikang work lor HAHAHA.

I'm also happy with the chosen SMTs this year - I really enjoy the company of every single one of them (except Nicolene) so I'm really excited at the prospect of working with all these sexy beasts. I'm also so proud of Cheryl Koh and Annetta for getting the President and Vice-President positions!

With the previous and current batch of SMTs in Admin and Finance hohohoho. Out of the 4 in the department I'm the only one in the other MCM semester though so that's pretty sad HAHA. I'm also the only guy there, but I guess with me the lines are blurred nowadays.

The last thing that happened this semester is... well, not a very pleasant one. There is a very deep background story to this that I hope everyone will take a few minutes out of their time to read.

I was supposed to help out for the Radio Heatwave auditions on one of the days in the morning early in the semester. Like 11AM. Unfortunately, on that day, I woke up on 11AM on the dot.

Fortunately, I apologized to Hannah (the new general manager, also my favourite tudung girl) and I told her that I will buy her a cup of teh bing as my way of saying sorry.

She wouldn't have any of it. She said that she was "atas" and she would only accept Starbucks. There is no other way.

Being the small fly of a deejay that I am there, I obliged.

That day, after school, I went to Starbucks and asked for an empty Venti cup and brought it home. The next day, before heading to the studio, I bought teh bing from Munch and poured it into the Starbucks cup.

I thought what I did was right - she asked for Starbucks, but didn't specify whether it was a Starbucks drink or a Starbucks cup. I appreciated that she gave me creative freedom over this. But eventually she had the biggest shock of her life, and it wasn't exactly pleasant.

She decided to get back at me. There was a rather unflattering photo of yours truly in the camera that was used to take photos during the Radio Heatwave auditions.

They say revenge is best served cold -- but in this case, she served revenge digitally.

By submitting my photo into the FMS' Next Fresh Face competition.

And here is the photo in question.


And I didn't even realise that the photo was uploaded until 7 hours later when Xinyi sent me a screenshot over Whatsapp!!!! HAHAHA and some people even thought that I submitted the photo myself omfg I know I'm narcissistic guys but REALLY

The funniest thing is how the photo ended up getting the most likes?!?! Like around 200?!?! It's crazy! Never knew men looking like lesbian aunties looked so appealing to people.

But I have to say my smize is on point though. And I'm werkin that side tooch. Somebody said that I looked like Steven Lim. I think that is very rude and offensive to Steven Lim.

Speaking of Radio Heatwave, photoshoots are already starting this coming week!! I got the Hollywood KPO show (finally a topic I can talk shitloads about) with this Year 3 business studies girl called Ary!

Both of us are crazy AND we both have curly brown hair. It's the perfect match. And we're gonna pull all the stops for our photoshoots. Trust.

The Namie Amuro concert was AMAZING


It's so disappointing but let's start from the very beginning when they first announced that the concert was happening. I remember camping in my room from 8.30AM some time in February with BOTH my desktop and laptop on at the sistic website, prepared to go all out and book me some good seats.

At first I first managed to get pretty awesome seats with a good view of the stage and it was right beside the runway but I was damn pissed because literally at the very last step the website crashed on me so I panicked but ended up getting 4th row seats, just that it wasn't beside the runway (like 13 seats away from it) but Jiarong and I were still SHIT excited nonetheless.

We were even deciding on what to wear for the concert and decided on making our own T-Shirts to wear to the concert!

Check this shizz out

Serving you silkscreen realness or what?

Jiarong even bothered to do up an act atas video featuring my hips and me screaming:

Whereas all I did was a really embarrassing vlog (which I'll leave you to FIND YOURSELF)

So all our efforts were kinda wasted :( The shit part is that the cancellation announcement was only a few days after we made the shirts so fuck our lives.

But putting all these aside, this has resulted in the stirring of so much shit, I am having so much fun just reading all about it.

Basically what happened was that Namie's official site announced the concert was cancelled completely out of the blue. Like, seriously. Even the local promoter Midas promotions didn't know about it or something. The best part was how Namie's management threw shade at them by citing "local promoter problems" as the reason for the cancellation. OOOooOOoooOOoo...

After a few days Namie's official site changed their reason! They changed it to "local technical problems". Well, still blaming us, but ok. Of course everyone thought the reason was really due to shit ticket sales, which, I'm not gonna lie, were really shit. Apparently less than half of the Singapore Indoor Stadium sold out (when she sold out Japan's 5 major domes last year) so that's pretty sad.

Then, as the truth would prevail (how much more there is to it will probably be eternally unknown to us), Midas failed to pay them the production costs! They did, but 12 days late. And you know how the Japanese people are strict with their deadlines.

So you might think Midas is now at fault, but nooOOOoo,  Midas then claimed that the reason for the late payment was due to them undergoing discussions on how to get ticket sales up because it's embarrassing to perform in an empty stadium but Japan clearly wasn't having any of it.

Anyway I'm bored just by explaining the details. Here comes the funny part: THE FANS!

Namie fans got so ENRAGED and started commenting on so much shit on Midas promotions' Facebook page. Shit got so funny, I'm almost glad the concert got cancelled.

Here are some of the highlights I painstakingly took screenshots of:

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, wait till you see this:

I'm just dying.

Granted, there were also comments providing actual logical and rational arguments too so I give them props for that. But some people are just so funny! "OMG DON'T TELL ME THEY'RE GONNA GET AN IMPERSONATOR?" and the comment with the TGIF reference gave me so much life.

Am I angry that they cancelled it? Yes. Am I sad that I may never ever see Namie Amuro live again in my life? Yes.

But for the love of god, all of you need to take a seat and get your shit together. Life still goes on?!?!

I'm sorry for the people who had to book flight tickets here just to see Namie, but at least on the positive side it has saved you $288 which can buy you ~144 plates of chicken rice so what are you complaining about?

Don't even start on "changing to a smaller venue". Let's be real. Have you even seen how big the stage set is? Bitch is NOT playing with the stage this time round so shifting to a smaller venue is clearly out of the question.

Midas promotions fucked up but it's not like they wanted to lose the $600,000. The fact that they're pursuing this with a lawsuit shows how adamant they are in proving how this isn't even their fault.

I still can't deal with how some people even went all the way to ask the contractors at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for insights as well. Talk about CREEPY!

You know what's the best part of all this drama?

The fact that Namie probably doesn't even know about this and is casually sitting at home sipping on green tea.

Oh well.

Namie Amuro  /  TOUR Digest by remon7774

~The concert that never happened in Singapore~

CDs of the month! (#37)

Hey sexies, I greatly apologize for the lack of updates... though I'm not really sorry LMAO in fact I was so busy for the past few weeks that I almost forgot about this blog (wouldn't be the first time)

(2013.03.08) ayumi hamasaki - ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~

I honestly didn't have high hopes at all for this concert because 2012 was a really shitty year for Ayu but after watching this I think it's one of the best concerts she's ever put up!

There was actually a concept and storyline and other shit plus this time bitch isn't lazy and even did minor rearrangements and embellished some of them. I was so impressed, I even downloaded the audio rip of the tour. I bet Koda Kumi took several notes after this. She didn't even try with the costumes but still made it work. And this has probably one of her best openings:

(2013.02.27) Namie Amuro - namie amuro 5 Major Domes Tour 2012 ~20th Anniversary Best~
Other than the fact that she looks shit old in the cover this was probably one of the concerts where Namie actually bothered smiling. I got the DVD a long time ago but held back on watching it because she was going to perform this in Singapore last month but guess what? Shit got cancelled 2 weeks before the show date, but that's for another discussion in another post... soon ;)

Frank Ocean's channel ORANGE! I recently discovered his music which is really laidback, ideal for such a lepak person like me, so I lavvit. I got it on eBay for like 10 bucks but it came brand new, sealed with its price tag still intact even. Score bitches.

I'm not dead yet!

Not that I don't want to update, but it's just that my modelling career kicked off waaaaay earlier than I expected! Here are some of the works I've already done:

Hot stuff.

You're welcome