CDs of the month! (#37)

Hey sexies, I greatly apologize for the lack of updates... though I'm not really sorry LMAO in fact I was so busy for the past few weeks that I almost forgot about this blog (wouldn't be the first time)

(2013.03.08) ayumi hamasaki - ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~

I honestly didn't have high hopes at all for this concert because 2012 was a really shitty year for Ayu but after watching this I think it's one of the best concerts she's ever put up!

There was actually a concept and storyline and other shit plus this time bitch isn't lazy and even did minor rearrangements and embellished some of them. I was so impressed, I even downloaded the audio rip of the tour. I bet Koda Kumi took several notes after this. She didn't even try with the costumes but still made it work. And this has probably one of her best openings:

(2013.02.27) Namie Amuro - namie amuro 5 Major Domes Tour 2012 ~20th Anniversary Best~
Other than the fact that she looks shit old in the cover this was probably one of the concerts where Namie actually bothered smiling. I got the DVD a long time ago but held back on watching it because she was going to perform this in Singapore last month but guess what? Shit got cancelled 2 weeks before the show date, but that's for another discussion in another post... soon ;)

Frank Ocean's channel ORANGE! I recently discovered his music which is really laidback, ideal for such a lepak person like me, so I lavvit. I got it on eBay for like 10 bucks but it came brand new, sealed with its price tag still intact even. Score bitches.

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