I lost my wallet... but WAIT!

So sometimes I refuse to believe that I'm getting senile, like how sometimes I refuse to believe that I'm ugly.

I remember Kim Anne would always tell me how done she was with me because I'd always leave my wallet everywhere. There was even once during FBC where I literally left my wallet unattended on some random bench in front of all the freshies and she just couldn't deal.

Well, it's time I finally admit to having this problem... because I LOST MY WALLET!!! Which marks the first time I've lost my wallet since Primary... 5? 6? Around there. That's 6 years of brain deterioration that has culminated into this.

Plus, I lost it at Republic Poly. I DON'T EVEN GO THERE!

I went there last Friday to support Amalina (from JWSS) for the Momentum Dance Festival and the wallet-losing was just one part of the series of unfortunate events.

We bought tickets from Amalina herself and she handed it to us around 1 hour before the show started so we just sat on this bench, which was later joined by this girl busy using her MacBook.

Then we stood up and went into the theatre. They tore our ticket stubs and we went to our seats. Only then did I realise my wallet was gone!

The funny thing was how I didn't even panic. I literally exhibited this bochup attitude which came out of nowhere and Edrie was beside me behaving like how a normal person would, ie. panicking like shit. Not even his wallet leh.

So I slowly strolled out of the theatre and looked at the bench from afar -- girl was gone, bench is empty. Meh, went back in. Then Edrie SCOLDED ME AGAIN when I said I didn't walk up close to the bench to inspect further. He was actually angry at me eh walao!!!!

Then I got a phone call from an unknown number! Which made me remember that inside my wallet was my ez-link card -- which had my contact details on it! Thank oh motherly lord of Krishna!!

So the girl was also inside the theatre (at the other end) so I went there to take it from her. I said "Thank you so much!" but she just gave me a black face, and I think it's because I did not mention here that on that very same piece of paper with my contact details, I also wrote "I'll give you a blowjob in return!". This is why I'm still single, everybody.

But after that she texted me!!! "Careful w your wallet next time yeah. (:"

I was honestly touched by her integrity even though there was only $10 inside but she could have still taken it! Plus, my wallet had all sorts of nonsense inside like the loyalty card for the pizza store in Makan Place. They sell really awesome froyo, not gonna lie.

But yea hehehehe and she was quite pretty also. (but I did my research online and found that she already has a boyfriend. Not that I intended on hitting on her ok.) I also posted on RP Confessions to thank her once more because I am really damn grateful, and finally my efforts in pasting my contact details on my ezlink card has come to good use!

That wasn't the end of it though. After that, 2 people came up to Edrie and I, asking to check our tickets. Turns out, we had the same seat numbers!

The worst part was that Edrie and I were the ones with the wrong tickets. 


SO EMBARRASSING! But Amalina clearly ordered Friday tickets for us!!!

So we did the walk of shame out of the place, but while doing so also overheard some people who faced the same predicament so at least we weren't alone.

We went to the ticketing counter to tell them about it and after much waiting and stress on the staff there, Edrie and I magically ended up getting media passes - what are the chances?!

We even got better seats because of that too. Life's surprises. The media passes indicated that they were for The New Paper though, so I wonder what that's all about.

Meanwhile I need to go and shit but that was all there is to that night. Quite exciting hor. The performances were cool too! I can dance also. Like this makcik over here.

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