The Namie Amuro concert was AMAZING


It's so disappointing but let's start from the very beginning when they first announced that the concert was happening. I remember camping in my room from 8.30AM some time in February with BOTH my desktop and laptop on at the sistic website, prepared to go all out and book me some good seats.

At first I first managed to get pretty awesome seats with a good view of the stage and it was right beside the runway but I was damn pissed because literally at the very last step the website crashed on me so I panicked but ended up getting 4th row seats, just that it wasn't beside the runway (like 13 seats away from it) but Jiarong and I were still SHIT excited nonetheless.

We were even deciding on what to wear for the concert and decided on making our own T-Shirts to wear to the concert!

Check this shizz out

Serving you silkscreen realness or what?

Jiarong even bothered to do up an act atas video featuring my hips and me screaming:

Whereas all I did was a really embarrassing vlog (which I'll leave you to FIND YOURSELF)

So all our efforts were kinda wasted :( The shit part is that the cancellation announcement was only a few days after we made the shirts so fuck our lives.

But putting all these aside, this has resulted in the stirring of so much shit, I am having so much fun just reading all about it.

Basically what happened was that Namie's official site announced the concert was cancelled completely out of the blue. Like, seriously. Even the local promoter Midas promotions didn't know about it or something. The best part was how Namie's management threw shade at them by citing "local promoter problems" as the reason for the cancellation. OOOooOOoooOOoo...

After a few days Namie's official site changed their reason! They changed it to "local technical problems". Well, still blaming us, but ok. Of course everyone thought the reason was really due to shit ticket sales, which, I'm not gonna lie, were really shit. Apparently less than half of the Singapore Indoor Stadium sold out (when she sold out Japan's 5 major domes last year) so that's pretty sad.

Then, as the truth would prevail (how much more there is to it will probably be eternally unknown to us), Midas failed to pay them the production costs! They did, but 12 days late. And you know how the Japanese people are strict with their deadlines.

So you might think Midas is now at fault, but nooOOOoo,  Midas then claimed that the reason for the late payment was due to them undergoing discussions on how to get ticket sales up because it's embarrassing to perform in an empty stadium but Japan clearly wasn't having any of it.

Anyway I'm bored just by explaining the details. Here comes the funny part: THE FANS!

Namie fans got so ENRAGED and started commenting on so much shit on Midas promotions' Facebook page. Shit got so funny, I'm almost glad the concert got cancelled.

Here are some of the highlights I painstakingly took screenshots of:

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, wait till you see this:

I'm just dying.

Granted, there were also comments providing actual logical and rational arguments too so I give them props for that. But some people are just so funny! "OMG DON'T TELL ME THEY'RE GONNA GET AN IMPERSONATOR?" and the comment with the TGIF reference gave me so much life.

Am I angry that they cancelled it? Yes. Am I sad that I may never ever see Namie Amuro live again in my life? Yes.

But for the love of god, all of you need to take a seat and get your shit together. Life still goes on?!?!

I'm sorry for the people who had to book flight tickets here just to see Namie, but at least on the positive side it has saved you $288 which can buy you ~144 plates of chicken rice so what are you complaining about?

Don't even start on "changing to a smaller venue". Let's be real. Have you even seen how big the stage set is? Bitch is NOT playing with the stage this time round so shifting to a smaller venue is clearly out of the question.

Midas promotions fucked up but it's not like they wanted to lose the $600,000. The fact that they're pursuing this with a lawsuit shows how adamant they are in proving how this isn't even their fault.

I still can't deal with how some people even went all the way to ask the contractors at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for insights as well. Talk about CREEPY!

You know what's the best part of all this drama?

The fact that Namie probably doesn't even know about this and is casually sitting at home sipping on green tea.

Oh well.

Namie Amuro  /  TOUR Digest by remon7774

~The concert that never happened in Singapore~

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