CDs of the month! (#38)

Hey sexies how y'all doinzzz. It has come with great pleasure to announce that I have actually spent a total of $100 this past week on taxi rides alone. This is how much of a mess I've actually become. It's okay, I can always earn back the money by standing on street corners if you know what I mean ;)

Oh yea I so broke already still got money to buy all these (to further exemplify my loser-ness)

(2013.04.08) ayumi hamasaki - ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2012-2013 A ~WAKE UP~(2013.03.20) Koda Kumi - KODA KUMI Premium Night ~Love & Songs~
Ayu's DVD was supposed to come with a poster but guess I ordered too late! Which is fine by me; I wouldn't want a B2-sized picture of a hot mess drowning in purple sperm.

(1997.07.24) Namie Amuro - Concentration 20(2000.01.26) Namie Amuro - GENIUS 2000
Some good finds on eBay because I'm stanning so hard for Namie nowadays. Other than the fact that her concert here got cancelled and that my refund will only come in in October. Which I just reminded myself so the $100 donated to CityCab doesn't seem so painful anymore. Anyway, my Namie album collection is complete hohohohoho

(2013.05.22) Perfume - Magic of Love (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)(2013.05.29) JASMINE - High Flying (Limited Edition)
Yeah baby that's a real-ass signature on that JASMINE CD. Apparently she bothered to sign like 2000 of the limited edition copies to save her dying career. Lavvit. And then there's Perfume's latest single. I feel like they're starting to lose their novelty just like how I lost interest in KyaryPamyuPamyu though :(

p/s. Happy Fathers' Day, everybody. I have a feeling my dad made me fall sick 1 day before the occasion just to make me xia suay. Not cool please

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