Gettin' down and durrty

Hey sexies, I've been busy getting down. But not really. I feel like I've never really done anything yet I find that I have barely any free time?? So I think I'm just being weird as usual.

I'm beginning to think that I might actually have ADHD. Like not the sibei major kind, but just a liiiitle bit of ADHD. I can't really sit still, I'm restless and always touching things (and they may or may not be inanimate objects) and shit. Funny thing is I don't feel that way when I'm at home, but only when I'm outside. Is it possible for ADHD to only occur outside?

Speaking of ADHD, this semester is going to kill me so bad because I have 4 CCAs right now. FMS Agents, piano club (YES I'M STILL A MEMBER), Radio Heatwave, and the latest addition being Stage 52. They're having a stage production coming in August so I decided to try my luck at the casting call and landed a supporting role! Is one of the symptoms of ADHD over-achieve-ity? Cuz I think I'm being such a huge mess right now, but I'll see how everything plays out.

We also recently finished our TV Production interview show!! For my group's show we invited down YouTubers Lin Ying and Samantha Rui:

We got them to perform an impromptu duet and they did Zedd's Clarity which was awesomeeee (when the show recording ended we didn't let them know so that they could continue serenading us HOHOHOH)

I also recently emceed for the inaugural Tri-Poly piano concert. Let's just say there was a SHIT TON of lame jokes and everybody died. They ate it aaaaaaall up. We loved it. And I know they loved it. Even if it would make us end up getting a lawsuit because we made jokes about dead French composers. We called Beethoven ugly, and that even if he was still alive he wouldn't be able to hear our comment anyway! (cuz he's deaf)

And honestly I didn't even care if they were lame because whatever happens at least it didn't make the audience sleep!! Which I would know about because I once fell asleep at a piano concert as well because the music was, not boring but erm.... calming.

But so touching cuz after the show there was this dude who searched for us specially to take a photo with us because he loved the lame jokes!!! And some parents, the target audience we were most worried about, actually thought we were funny too! ~*ego boost*~

Look at me werqin' it

With some MCM peeps cuz Ying Ying was one of the performers!!!

It was also a coincidence that I actually met my co-host before last year during the OOOM music festival! ~*It's a small world*~

And just 2 days I bought something I never thought I would EVER buy / use / learn / put up my ass:

A sexy guitar!!!

As you all know, I am multitalented and wish to one day become an accomplished musician. Ur hur hur.

I've been playing the ukulele for some time now and one day I just thought why not try out the guitar as well? So I told Ashraf about it and he brought me to buy one at a place he recommends!

Hopefully I won't give up learning this, not after I spent over $200 for this (I guess that's a good way to motivate myself)

Also I am very annoyed because last night a lizard WENT INTO MY ROOM! WTF! I don't even have food inside my room?!?! Plus it's HUUUGE. Plus a few nights ago when I was going back to my room I saw that this small lizard ATTEMPTED to crawl into my room, but I chased that fucker out of my room, which I even managed to record on vine.

I bet that stupid idiot went to tell the mother to seek revenge and WALA! I found it at one of the inner corners of my room and at first managed to chase it halfway to the door, but the fucker decided to run back and hide! Stupid or what! So annoyed tbh, but I laid a trap there already so I hope that fucker dies a sad, slow death soon.

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