Les Miserable

I have two embarrassing stories to share!!! Yay!!

Okay so recently I had to conduct an interview with 3 people as part of my News Writing assigment, so I was at the Atrium waiting for their class to end.

I was doing my work when suddenly this girl walked by (I wasn't clear how my interviewee looked like prior to the interview) so I just stared, and we all know when eye contact maintains longer than a second it's usually because they're looking for someone too right?!?!?! (Then again maybe I'm just creepy)

But anyway she stared at me and I stared at her so naturally I thought she was the interviewee so I smiled and gestured for her to sit down. Then I asked, "Your friends are not coming?" (the other 2 interviewees) and she replied "Am I supposed to bring my friends?" then I was like "Yea cuz you said so in the Facebook message!!"

It was then when I finally asked for her name (Something I should have done RIGHT FROM THE START) and she was not the interviewee!!! (reminds me of that show where they're like "you are NOT the father!!! *cue confetti*") 

Then she just walked away and both of us laughed cuz it was so funny yet embarrassing. And during the whole time Natasha was sitting right in front of me watching everything. Ok la, wasn't so embarrassing for me but embarrassing for her I guess LOL

And the next one is pretty much a continuation of my SHITTY ADVENTURES!!! If I have many more in the future (I pray to god there wouldn't) I just might write a sitcom about it.

So I was taking a shit in the toilet at the Atrium. Then I realised that THERE WAS BARELY ANY TOILET PAPER LEFT!!! And the contents have already leaked out, to put it nicely, so I didn't know what to do. There was literally only 10cm of toilet paper left.

Then I WhatsApp-ed Cheryl because she was studying with me, and Kin Leonn was sitting there too. So I said "Cheryl, I need help". "You know my table got the red angry birds tissue, can you ask kin leonn to discreetly slip it under the third cubicle?" "HERE VERY LITTLE TOILET PAPER LEFT! HAHAHA"

HAHAHAHAHAHA I DUNNO WHY I'M TELLING Y'ALL THIS BUT IT'S SO FUNNY!! In retrospect la, can you imagine if I was all alone I would just die eh

Speaking of dying, what happened next really did make me wanna die. KIN LEONN AND DANIEL CAME IN SHOUTING "TRAVIS! TRAVIS! WHERE???" BLOODY SHIT! (no pun intended)

Apparently Cheryl forgot to stress that they had to do it discreetly. Sigh. My life.

To add insult to injury Cheryl even instagrammed the conversation without revealing my name and Ms Sharon, my year 1 SocPsy lecturer, commented on Facebook:

"Still got Angry Birds tissue. Must be Travis"

I don't think I will be able to ever recover from my image of being an auntie. In fact when I bought the pack of 24 Angry Birds tissue packs the cashier even said "That would be $(price I forgot) ma'am".

And I was actually pissed when I found out that each pack had only 8 sheets of tissue instead of the usual 10. But hey it's a legit excuse to be pissed! You all always complain that your potato chips only fill half the bag and nobody says anything yet when I complain about tissue packs shortchanging me you all call me auntie and shit. DOUBLE STANDARDS I TELL YOU!!!!

But in other news I'm so happy with the progress of my projects! Everything has been smooth-sailing so I'm glad for that. I'm still a mess though.

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