Semester 4 of 6 la sia

Imagine sitting happily with your friends around a table, enjoying a steamboat while passing time, talking to one another, laughing at how stupid Nicolene is, and things like that. When all of a sudden you check your phone only to realise that Milo sent you a WhatsApp message saying, "WOW TRAVIS YOU ONLY JUST FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER??? OUCH!"


Apparently there's some stupid virus shit that hacked into my twitter and did the following:

1. unfollowing everybody on my following list
2. refollowing everybody who were on my following list (wtf?)
3. additionally following a shitload of other spam robot accounts with ang moh girls with big boobies

and last but definitely not the least, in fact, the WORST:

4. additionally following the followers that you never intended to follow back


These people may come in the form of weirdos and some secondary school juniors I've never talked to before. Ok I know some of the latter still read this shitass pile of a blog but really, no tea no shade, I can only read so many tweets!!!

So it's like damn paiseh because I had to end up going home and unfollow the 100+++ people the stupid thing went to follow lol... but basically this is to clarify that I HAVE NEVER BEEN BORED TO THE EXTENT THAT I'D ACTUALLY BOTHER TO UNFOLLOW ANYONE THEN REFOLLOW THEM AGAIN!!! That's like the lamest thing to do on social media, followed by writing a blog post about it to deny accusations of such claims.

The thing is I didn't even read any of the sketchy direct messages, let alone clicking on the shoddy links within them, or authorized some weird app to have access to my account. And all this happened while I was peacefully eating my steamboat leh!!! How sad is that!!!

Anyway the semester started and honestly, while I am really happy for my classmates and everything, I still feel pretty sad about shit. I can't even point out exact reasons for my sadness, but it's probably because I'm still trying to adjust this drastic change of lifestyle (I mean, I was a bum for the past 2 months after all) and also that I'm already experiencing anxiety attacks from all the shit I'll have to be doing for the coming months.

Most of all, I feel like I have a lot hanging on my shoulders, which is not helped by the fact that this first week in school has been nothing but an environment of negativity with people around me, like to the point where you can seriously feel it.

There's been so much tension the past few days and it's probably because we jumped straight into tutorials for the very first time ever which is just weird, and of course like groupings and such which I do not have any problems of but seeing the people around me stressing out over it is making me feel sad as well...

You know what else is sad? The fact that the pizza + frozen yoghurt vendor at Makan Place closed down and is replaced by one that sells pizza and freaking SALAD.

First of all, even though I'm on a supposed diet and all, but salad can never beat froyo. Secondly, the former stall had a loyalty card which I haven't even stamped finish yet! I really wanted swanky new fake spectacles...

Okay I shall stop being negative and shit but guess what happened today guys!!!

I had my first ever tutorial for radio today and our tutor was explaining to us about voxpops and how you should alternate between female and male voices so that the voxpop would sound nice since there's variation in the audio. So this is how she further exemplified herself:

"So first you can have a he *points towards Jeremy*"
"Then after that you can have a she *points towards ______*"

No prizes for guessing whose name was in the blank.

I didn't even react explosively because it's just any other day in the life of androgynous Travis.

I'm still extremely excited for the Radio Production 2 and Feature Writing modules because that's the shizz that I am here for man. Really can't wait to get shit started man.

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