I have to get out of the house in like, 2 hours and I can barely contain my excitement!!! I'm finally going to Tokyo again!!! This will be like, my third time going and I am still super stoked anyway because I'll be going with awesome people (and by awesome I'm not talking about you, Nicolene) and we're pretty much going to places that I don't think tourists can actually go so it's gonna be COOLBALLS!

Unfortunately I didn't manage to schedule posts for this blog and scheduled posts for J-Pop KAMPAI! instead... lol SORRY but I will *try* to update while I'm on the trip (which also means I won't cuz I don't realise how lazy I am sometimes) BUT hey ho hey ho! I'll be the editor for the blog of our trip at fmsintokyo.blogspot.com where we'll have daily updates up so you guys can go check that shizz out. Can also follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook if you care.

The moment I come back on 3rd April it'll already be the first day of FBC and things are happening so quickly! I am excited for BOTH this trip and FBC at the same time so you can only imagine how mentally unstable I am. PLUS I found out recently that the Mr. Bean at Boon Lay MRT closed down which put me on the verge of seeing a therapist.

Meanwhile note to self: please do not stuff yourself with food even though the Japanese somehow magically still manage to remain so skinny but remember you do not have Japanese DNA you have fatty bom bom DNA so you WILL get fat and you WILL NOT like it 

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