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Since this is the first update of 2014 this post certainly deserves a celebratory (whut whuuuuuuut) picture to commemorate the occasion

2013 came to a very depressing end, much of which was due to my battle with alcohol addiction, which has also made me not be able to embrace the fact that my face legitimately turns into a gross purple colour when I drink, resulting in pictures of me actually blending into dark backgrounds (I tried to find a picture exemplifying this but I couldn't... told you I blend into the background liao)

I have also finally embarked on my driving practical lessons which have been pretty exciting. Some of the more memorable incidents that happened include me mounting a curb, stalling the car in the middle of the public road and striking a curb within 5 seconds of entering the public road. I'm smooth like that. I should also probably never drive again after getting my license.

I also have the tendency of scolding other learner drivers (like me) for making mistakes like cutting into my lane even though I make the very same mistakes. I'm a bitch leh.

Putting that aside I'm also going to Japan again!! Yay!!!! It'll be part of a school trip which I am super lucky to be able to get into because I already got to go to China once in my first year where we picked up horse shit and stuff.

Fortunately this time round it's more of a study trip and less of a community service trip so we'll be going to see pretty cool shit like Waseda University, NHK studios, etc. etc. I'm super stoked! I'll be going with Nicolene and Charmaine too so they'll be my BBHs (big booty hoes) for the trip.

As for school... well, it's probably the most interesting and busiest semester thus far. The funny thing is that when I look at the structure of the semester I can't help but feel like I shouldn't be as busy as I really was compared to the other semesters but somehow it just happened, so that's also the reason why I didn't update at all throughout the past 4 months.

The only modules I really put in a shitload of effort in were radio production and feature writing, like I've already told you guys before and feature writing really made me cross a number of hurdles where I also changed the style I usually lead my groups in groupwork (especially since this one was of 10 people so it was rather challenging) which has led to very mixed outcomes but I'll save that for a later post hahaha

Radio production, on the other hand, was a disaster for my last assignment. Admittedly, I still got a good enough grade but trust me, if you were there, both you and I would know that I truly DID NOT deserve that grade, which was why I promised Ms Soo I will start going to church (I have yet to fulfill that promise. Happy lent thingy!!!!)

Basically the final assignment was to do a 12-minute on-air live talk show with a guest of my choice. I never really had a solid idea of who I wanted to interview but in some way or another, hey ho hey ho, I got a tarot card reader. ~*oooOOOooo*~

Admittedly, I never saw tarot card reading as something that goes deep into spiritual depths and shit. I honestly thought it was just a card game thing. Like poker cards. Which was why I was quite dodgy about having this idea approved my Ms Soo, though it was approved in the end la.

Basically the structure of the show was very simple - there's an introduction, then a simple asking of a few questions, followed by a break, during which I will pick up a phone call from a caller (i.e. my classmate) who will ask a question to the guest to answer after we come back from that break. After that, the show resumes as per normal (ask a few more questions) before we end off. It's supposedly that simple but nooooOOOooooOOOooo

My guest was freakin' amazing. She does tarot card reading professionally (each appointment is $200, I'm not shitting you. She brings in the douuuuuugghhhh) and on a sidenote her office also looks super cool when I went there to brief her on the details.

On the day itself everything went as planned - until it was my turn to do the show (i.e. the test itself).

Everything was smooth sailing until we reached the break, where while the trailers were playing I'm supposed to be picking up the phone call off-air to receive the caller's question. That was when things went horribly wrong.

The moment I pressed the button to accept the phone call, what ensued was the LOUDEST static noise drowning out my caller's voice even though I can still hear her reasonably well. But I have NEVER heard that sort of noise before and I've practiced using the phone like, about 10 times since the third assignment?! It's ridiculous. Not just that, but the projector showing the computer screen shut down all of a sudden as well at that very same moment.

By then I was freaking out on the inside but I remained calm. Obviously I can't let the static end up being on air, so I just hung up the phone (poor Denise didn't know what was going on so she kept calling back lol) and decided to pick up the call again while we were on air, because hopefully when it's live the static goes away.

So when the show resumed I pretended nothing was wrong (which is correct la) and said that we had a caller on the line! I pressed the button receiving the call and "TEEHHHHHHHHHHHH" the cheebye static was STILL THERE! I immediately hung up the call and promptly said that there was a technical glitch "but I have the caller's question on hand anyway!" LOOOOOOOOL.

I died so bad. After the show I sent my guest off in a cab and I literally could not stop shaking for 30 minutes. Valerie and Jeremy were dying cuz they thought my reaction was very funny. I never felt like such a mess in my entire poly life before?!?! Radio leh!!! Final assignment leh!!! How can screw up like that!!!

I was panicking so badly I legitly STARTED LOOKING THROUGH MY PHONE'S CONTACT LIST SO I CAN CALL SOMEONE LOL (I ended up calling Milo who semi-successfully calmed me down). I didn't even want to go back upstairs into the studio to get my results!

But I did anyway.

When I entered the studio I was just like "Ms Soooooooooooooo we both know how that went so just give it to me so I can get over it sooner" HAHAHHA. After which we screamed at each other where she was just like "TRAAAAAAVIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSS" and I was just like "MS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO" which went on for a good 10 seconds before we stopped and realised the whole class was staring at us.

But yeah basically I lost marks from the phone call bit because ~*there was no phone call at all*~ but Ms Soo probably thought I was emotionally distressed already so she just kept praising the content of my interview even though I was so nervous that I didn't even know what I was talking about throughout the entire 10 minutes.

My guest brought a camera to have someone film down the interview some more!!! Lao kui leh!!!!!!!

Anyhoo, my classmates and Ms Soo herself said to me that (I didn't notice it cuz I was too busy being a mess) the moment my guest and I stepped onto the console, the projector started acting a bit funny, which was why it shut down in the middle of my show. She didn't have any idea what the static was all about as well but the funny thing is everything was fine again after we left.

When I reached home I told the story to the person who got me my guest's contact and I found out she's trained as a spiritual medium (fml) so her ~*spiritual energy*~ was probably clashing with the high frequency equipment and shit. Or Mei Ling just wants to say hi or something.

But waaaa this is SCARY AS HEEEEEEEEELLLLLL!!!!!! This was one hell of a lesson learnt man. At that point I was just glad I was done with radio LOL.

Okay now let's move on to things I do not care about. Public relations!!!! Okay, PR classes were fun but I just generally do not like the PR aspect of media lol. Everything just seems so contrived and pretentious to me, I don't know. There are definitely beneficial aspects to PR like employee relations and all that but consumer relations just seems like a nightmare to me.

And because I was focusing too much on feature writing and radio I kind of neglected my PR assignments a bit, which is probably why I ended up getting a B for the final PR project, the lowest grade I've gotten for an assignment in poly thus far (YEA LA YEA LA SO PAINFUL RIGHT LOOK AT HOW I SUFFER FROM A B) (BUT THE FACT STILL STANDS OK LOL) 

But let's be real though, our "client" for this project was Science Centre Singapore. Science Centre Singapore leh. Ok la, I was pretty impressed by the fire tornado when I went there to look see look see... but Science Centre Singapore though.

I've been looking for part-time jobs to no avail so that makes me pretty depressed too. I've more or less figured that nobody will hire me since I'll be overseas from the end of this month anyway and by the time I come back school's going to start already lol, so what's the point right?

But I really need cash though, so I'm trying to set up a portfolio site as well and hopefully get a few freelance jobs in web design. Hopefully only la, I'll probably never get one but I'll just pray or something.

(p/s. I had someone on tumblr asking me to continue doing CDs of the month but it would probably be not as frequent since I'm not really spending a lot on them now LOL I'll see how it goesss)

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