Corporate bullshit

I've had this long internal debate within myself for the past many months wondering how or why someone would bother finding out what alcohol can do to the human body (but that person is a genius anyway, so whatever).

But for a really long time I've questioned the whole idea of a "corporate look" (I can't really be bothered to find out what the phrase used really is) or a "corporate identity" one should possess in corporate situations. I HATE IT!!!

The first time I ever got to realise how ridiculously stupid the whole idea is was when I had to do that awfully bland, 100% PR valedictorian speech at JWSS' Speech Day 2 years ago.

I don't remember if I blogged about it, but basically I drafted up my speech which ended up getting COMPLETELY rejected in its entirety because it was supposedly "too bitchy" (I was being tastefully honest, so I really don't get that part. There was no bashing whatsoever involved.) and that the teacher who vetted it could "already imagine me reading it in my voice" (how is that a bad thing??).

I was quite pissed about it and just told them to draft up a speech they felt was "appropriate" for the occasion. Needless to say, it was a cookie-cutter speech written with absolutely no personality and even came with a quote at the end, which I gave a total of 0 fucks about. I felt pretty shit reading it. At the end of the day, the title the school awarded me is not something that I need; not for a ratchet secondary school. So why am I obliged to be, crudely put, controlled like a dog and sell my soul away?!

And then there have been multiple times since then throughout my time in poly when I've been told I do not carry a "scholarly" look even though I am an NP scholar. What is a scholarly look? Does having a curly lesbian weave mean I do not have a look that is, I don't know, socially acceptable?

Why is it that at award ceremonies or even when you're giving a simple presentation in front of an audience, you're supposed to have short, black hair that's neat, a dress shirt with a tie and blazer, dress pants, dress shoes, etc. etc.? That shit is just uncomfortably prim and proper.

I just can't stand the idea of selling my identity and personality away just so that I can represent another's "image" and "reputation". I mean, I completely understand that you can't have people wearing singlets and boxers with slippers doing this kind of shit what. I understand that there are certain extremes that cross the line. But right now there isn't even a line to cross so all you can do is just stand there and let everyone screw you over whichever way they like. Very shiok meh? I just do not see harm in having just a slight bit of deviation in that sense, which apparently is blasphemous enough to some people.

I have been denied certain opportunities because the way I looked did not suit an ideal image. And it just annoys me because I find it to be unfair. I'm sorry but I can't see myself being any other average person, conforming to ideals and standards that every other person walking around has because that, to me, is just painful. That's also why I cannot tolerate people who just can't be real with one another, putting on fake smiles and talking about boring shit like staplers or something.

For me, I appreciate versatility and I know that that word does not go well with "corporate". And that's why I vow to never pick up a job / career path that will only reduce me into an office-bound, bland, boring, salaryman. The day that happens to me will probably be the day I officially give up on life.

p/s. Not exactly the most positive post to put up after a 4-month absence but lulz

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