Takoyaki woes

Using this old photo because what the heck, I can't believe my photographic composition skills were better 5 years ago than they are now

Lately I've been questioning what are some of the best cuisines in the world, and that if I could only eat one cuisine for the rest of my life, what it would be. I narrowed my choices down to the top 3 because I couldn't decide in the order - Chinese (especially Cantonese), Japanese and Singaporean food. What can I say, I have yellow fever (and fuck hamburgers).

But I figured Singaporean food is so unhealthy it's gonna eventually give me either a heart attack or a stroke, and Chinese food, besides dim sum and herbal soups, is like... like that lor. But Japanese food is some dope shit. Sure, they have a very limited range - it's either rice (don, sushi, etc.) or noodles (ramen, udon, etc.) or weird shit like dancing squids. But I love it because they're almost always cooked to perfection (you rarely taste shitty Japanese food unless the subject matter is already something you hate in the first place), is healthy and will probably keep me thin for the rest of my life - the last point really was what got me sold.

Anyhoo, I feel the need to express my disappointment towards an increasing lack (lol) of takoyaki shops in Singapore. It's almost facing the same, sad predicament that chwee kueh is experiencing, which is also another of my favourite foods. It's depressing, and both are a bitch to make at home.

It was bad enough that the Gindaco (hands down the best takoyaki available in Singapore) at Jurong Point closed down, although I frequented it less after finding out my secondary school senior was working there who was homophobic as fuck but turned out to be gay and actually dated my poly junior but that's another story for another day LOL1!!!

So after Gindaco closed down in JP, the only outlet left was in ION Orchard, so I went there yesterday, craving desperately for some tako ballz and fruit tarts (another underrated dessert I must say) only to find out that the bloody place is RENOVATING! Then we went to Takashimaya and found out that the takoyaki shop at the basement has been replaced by some lame-ass pastry shop. FUCK! Takashimaya tak Takoyaki seriously???!?!

Which leaves us with the horrendous WOW TAKO. I fail to comprehend how they taste the worst but have the most number of outlets in Singapore, and the only reason why I buy from them is because there really isn't much of a choice. It's dry on the outside AND dry on the inside, it's like how I think old testicles would be like. Nasty shit going on man.

It's so hard to not love takoyaki so I don't understand why nobody is addressing this problem!!! They're small, easy to eat, doughy yet full of flavour, well, I just love balls. Takoyaki was what made me accept putting any part of an octopus into my mouth, and for that, I have reason to believe Takoyaki has made a huge impact in my life.

Even bootleg takoyaki from pasar malams are SO GOOD even though they're clearly cooked wrongly and the balls fall flat 5 seconds after taking them off the moulds but they still taste so good, it should be a whole separate dish on its own. Idk call it soggy Singaporean balls or something.

In the mean time I'm getting ready for INTERNSHIP STARTING NEXT MONDAY!!! I'm so excited because it's pretty much something I'd strike off my bucket list, but I don't know if I'm supposed to reveal it in this nasty ass blog in case my bosses are able to google and find out, so I shan't dice with death here.

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