Too Tired

Wanted to spend time updating my blog but ended up sleeping most of the pubic holiday away... oh well. Here's a picture of me at work the other day sleeping while shitting to tide you over in the meantime:

Also keeping this picture just in case I decide to have a consultation with my plastic surgeon over e-mail because I'm so lazy lol!!!!!

Yes, I did cut off my weave without doing a proper post about it, but I figured since it's been literally months since that's happened I shan't bother doing it...

Anyway, in memory of my curly lesbian weave, here's a video I did for Radio Heatwave (which I'm also officially retired from) a looooong time ago where we pitted ourselves against a team of professional gamers (legit!) to a game of L4D2 (and DOTA, but the footage was corrupted so the video never came out) so please don't judge me because let's just say... the things I did in that game were not among the smartest things I've done in my life HAHAHAH!!! And pardon the awkward hosting because I was too lazy to memorise the script until 1 minute before filming. Plus, I had to act cool when I'm not. YEA LA YEA LA I'M JUST MAKING EXCUSES FOR MY INEPTITUDE OK??? Go away la fuck

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