Exactly one year ago, we were just getting started on the Feature Writing module, which is really what made me enter Mass Comm in the first place. I don't think I've ever felt so ready to jump into a project so quickly, and to have been so willing to take up the position of an editor (unfortunately). Like that Britney Spears album, I was IN THE ZONE MAN!

But I'm going to spare the emotional talk because I just can't do it. If you've seen The Devil Wears Prada, I was exactly the kind of editor who Miranda Priestly was, albeit a thousand times more explosive. That's why I'm writing this post because I want to compile some of the memorable moments that took place over the four months of this project so that I will look back 10 years from now and think about how much of a bitch I was at this point of time. It's Meryl Streep's fault!

Verge (as seen above) was a magazine created as a result of, to put it directly, wasting food, being lapsap, being buay paiseh, scolding group members via WhatsApp's audio note function, and telling people to start going to church. I am still not sorry for about 80% of those things. LOL!!!!

In retrospect, I really have to give it to all 9 other members of the team. You cannot imagine just how much shit they went through with me; I was perpetually on my period that till this day, across my entire Mass Comm life, I believe my PMS-ness was at its zenith during this time. I really do not think they ever deserved to face my nonsense, but I am a raging **** after all. There's really no excuse on my part.

But I am so so so so thankful that everybody pushed themselves and produced a quality of work that otherwise wouldn't have been achieved. I'm not even gonna be bothered if any of my groupmates hate me till this day, because we ultimately DID IT! (cue emotional music and onslaught of tears)

Buay pai right, got my scanned signature over there some more... Jeremy says my signature very ugly, but I can't take a guy who painted a fake goatee on his face seriously. 

Check out our bold-lipped glory box conceptualised by Clement. We literally used acrylic paint to coat our lips and all around it, and some even ended up on some of our teeth, lol! Oliver's teeth were actually red in the photos so can you imagine how horrific that was when we viewed them up close?

I'm also pretty sure this is going to give us cancer somewhere down the road, but I'm touching my wood as I'm typing this (take this as you will).  I have to say my hair wasn't very on point though, so that's very disappointing.

Just when you thought we shot those pics in a studio, as it turns out, we're just really really poor. Plus Jeremy insisted on having that stupid goatee.

Easily the saddest photoshoot we ever had to do, the most obvious reason being that one less bowl of wanton mee = one less happy tummy (i.e. mine).

I had to cab all the way down to Kovan at 8am in the morning from Jurong carrying Mahjong paper for this shoot. Then we actually went down to the hawker centre, not to ask the uncle to let us take home a bowl of wanton mee, but to pose as a normal customer and then casually walking off with the bowl out of the hawker centre, while Jeremy snuck the spoon and chopsticks from a separate stall because he die die wanted green coloured ones. Aiya, but I'm quite sure Jeremy has already returned them... OR SO I THINK... 

Nicole clearly did not sign up for this.

I'm not even going to try to justify that we are not a mess. But totally worth it! One of my favourite pages of the magazine to be quite honest. I particularly like the stain marks of the zhup, and the lone pork lard at the bottom right corner of the page. LOL.

Here's also a random picture of this chocolate cake recipe (one of Valerie's articles) we tried to make to take photos but failed miserably... we even bought two shitass ugly cups from Japan Home only to end up not using it. Sigh!

One of my favourite spreads in the magazine because it looks so cleeeaaan and sleeeeek. And having Clement and Megan on the team was such a blessing because they totally rocked the fashion section which I gave a grand total of 0 hoots for content-wise, so I cannot imagine what would've happened to this if they weren't around.

Left: a book review on 'I Will Survive', a collection of personal stories by LGBT individuals who've faced discrimination of some form in society. Very insightful and eye-opening read. I still have that book at home even though it's actually Meifang's haha! Meifang if you're reading this I'll return it to you on Graduation Day okay? I PROMISE!

Right: An article on vinyls that's also the reason why I posted this photo. Because of this:

HAR HAR HAR!!!! FUNNY RIGHT? Look at me being a hardworking editor just snapping photos we'll laugh at 1 year later.

And the best part was when we found out that our magazine cover concept was identical to Charmaine's group!

Siao liao, siao liao, we didn't even discuss about our cover ideas and this just happened. We even look like a lesbian couple in this photo. My hips sure are wide. Any wider, I could've passed off as Rosie O'Donnell.

Okay I'm too lazy to post other pages of the magazine, but long story short, after all those ~trials and tribulations~ we underwent, from having to swap roles, having been on the verge of killing ourselves and having gone through the peak of my peak of PMS-ness which amounted to a 10-page long WhatsApp message telling the group I'll be going to church to pray for them (I've decided not to post the message because I don't feel like it), we emerged as the second-best magazine of the semester (behind Charmaine's) with the highest marks for content.

Considering how our lecturer told us midway through that our magazine was one of the worst-performing of the semester, I felt like our team really conquered against all odds lor! We were working like dogs!

Looking back, our group dynamic was surprising considering how we grouped together simply because we were all seated on the right side of the classroom. Was it fate? ~*ter ner ner ner... [mysterious music]*~

We had a super efficient bunch of sub-editors – Clement and Oliver. They were so meticulous and proficient at their job because they both have an immaculate command of English. I remember how we would sit in OurSpace, poring over every single article, scrutinising for every possible error, and I think we've read through each article in the magazine at least seven times. On top of that, both of them even wrote extra articles for the magazine, so really curly lesbian weaves off to them.

We had very talented designers – Sarah and Nicole. What I liked best about both of them was how they were clearly 200% done with my shit right from the get-go, and it was hard on them because I was still unwavering despite being consciously aware of their level of doneness (hehe!). Sarah really put her illustration skills to use (the man in the cover was drawn by her) and Nicole has that designer's eye that God didn't bother to bestow upon me.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to Nicole for scolding her "Why you haven't export the PDF?!" at the printing shop only to have her shout back "EXPORTING!!!!", but I can't deny that I felt pretty accomplished because Nicole is like, the chillest girl ever, and the fact that I managed to make her crack like that makes me sickeningly satisfied. HAHAHAH!!! LOVE YOU NICOLE!!!!

We had a pretty kick-ass photographer / photo-editor – Jeremy Chua. I have to say I forced him into this one, because it was literally to the point of me setting his schedules for him, telling him he has to do this and that, and probably felt like killing me at one point, but he was probably too exhausted to do so because he goes to the gym too damn often. But he knows his photo shit, he knows how to edit his shit, and I don't know why he never believes me when I tell him how valuable his contributions were to the team, seriously. Sincerely, fuck you!

Lastly, we had 4 writers with a unique style of their own that really made the magazine what it is – Megan, Meifang, Valerie and Yuxin. I made it clear from the beginning that I didn't want the articles to be stylistically consistent throughout, because I wanted each writer to shine on their own, and I'm glad that it turned out that way. Everybody was so hardworking through this, even for Valerie, who from knowing her, normally doesn't even care about anything! They're the first ones to come up with great story angles, the first ones to finish everything so promptly, and gave a lot of input in planning the layout and everything.

Will I want to do this project all over again? Hell no. Would I do anything different if I did though? I don't think I would leh! I guess now that I've become a lowly intern at a real magazine, I'm getting my just desserts. Really. We get log cakes sent to the office every other day, my waistline is going insane.

After all these unglamorous lesbian weave photos of me here's me on one of my better days:

Err... actually...

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